90 Days Motivational Program : Day 2

Now I'm on day 2 of my program. I gave a little twist to my usual routine exercise. If even during holidays I go to the gym in afternoons, today I did it in early morning, 8AM. A new experience and good to avoid boredom.

I'm working on my lower body parts, which are gluteus, hamstring and quadricep muscles. Training with machines still convenient for me instead of free weight. Before, working on the targeted muscles, the very must thing to do is 30 minutes cardio and wrap up with 15 minutes to cool down.

I'm still having fun with my motivational program and the hardest part of this program is maintaining the motivation and enthusiasm to focus with my exercises.

90 Days Motivational Program

The program is designed exclusively by me and used by me. Although it's still in scratch, the countdown starts as December 27, 2009. Since today is Sunday, where I usually spend hours and hours in the gym. The kick-off, I think, it's pretty awesome. I started ecliptical machine for 15 minutes ( high resistance ), as my body got warmed up, I focused on my chest, back, triceps, abs and a bit of shoulder muscles.

Lots of time spare before Body Combat class, I broke down my exercises into :

Chest :
- Smith incline chest press
- Inclined dumbell chest fly
- Dumbell chest press

Back :
- Barbell good morning
- Rowing
- Back up

Abs :
- Ball sit - ups
- Torso rotation

For shoulder I only did shoulder press. And when I looked at the time, I stil had 1.5 hours before my Body Combat class. So, I used 30 minutes walking on the treadmill and 1 hour to rest.

I'm pretty happy with my exercise today and feeling positive about my own motivational program.

Oh yeah, you must be curious what's this all 90 Days Motivational Program ? Well, people I'm going to UK next March for 2 weeks holiday. Yaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!! And I want to look stunning in all my pictures.

So, I have 90 days, which is the very sensible time length to see the outcome.
Wish me luck, peeps!

Cheap Entertainment

Need some good time? Just go to the gym, have a exercise!..Yeah..yeah...we've heard that for many many many times. Yes, I even have to drag myself to go there, going up on those machines for warming up or burning some calories. But in the end..I feel good about myself.

I don't go to the gym just for losing weight, it's something that can't be stopped. It becomes a habit. If I don't go for one week, I feel my body very heavy, lazy, bored, depressed and very lazy to move.

Again it's about giving a kick in the butt, don't let the lazy mood get over you. And you will find, exercise is the cheap entertainment, healer for body and soul. Why so? Imagine the amount you pay for clubbing or buy foods, then think about the impact to your body? It's just temporary. But, exercise? with the monthly fee you pay, you can go exercise any time you want. The result...healthy feeling, detoxicated, you'll sleep better and who knows you'll lose weight.

It's better to be healthy, faboulous, fit and less sad right ?

Getting Back On The Track

Whether you are just recovered from your illness, been lazy going to the gym, birth of a chile hitting the plateau or anything that stop you from exercise. Going back is a challenge. You either can be unmotivated or very eager to start.

Although long long time ago you were a top athlete or top gym freak, your fitness level won't be the same as you were before. Your muscle mass is different from now and then. Your metabolism has changed. Thus, it's wise if you consult with physician before you start, especially for those who has just recovered from an illness. For the first goal for your comeback, just make exercise as a habit first.

Starting easy, don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get your pace.

Do some gym walking, perhaps your old gym already a little bit too rusty. Perhaps there are new gyms that just opened.

Find out why you stopped going to the gym earlier? Discover new you by making fitness program that suit you. Hire a personal trainer if necessary. He/she can help you when things get rough.

And don't forget to keep track of your progress.

Welcome back to healthy life.....

You're Going To Get Beat Up Along The Way

Life is not a success-only journey. You're going to get beat up along the way

I found this quote while writing my journal, then on the way to the gym, I thought that this quote can be applicable on losing weight or keeping fit. Well, it's not literally that you'll get beat up during your losing weight process or maintaining you weight until you have bruises and stuffs.

Here's the thing, after the long hours of exercise and training, I attained my losing weight goal. But turn out it's just one success, it must be followed by maintaining it, and that's what I interpretation of "to get beat up along the way. "

How so? Because maintaining my success story is the hardest part. Imagine when I hit the plateau. Imagine when I'm soooo lazy to go to the gym, no motivation. Imagine when my crave for fatty food is extremely high.

The journey of losing weight and/or keeping fit doesn't stop just when we reached one success. Just consider we have reached one level then we continue to the next level. Another challenges come along. And that's the time for you to get beat up along the way.

But that's not you should worry, take it as a challenge, take it as "the rainbow" of your keeping fit journey.

To Walk For

For some walking is an exercise that considered not important. You might say, this type exercise only burn little calorie. But don't underestimate the impact of walking. If you don't know how to begin to exercise, walking is the very first step.

It's the easiest exercise, low risk of injury and very cheap. You only need a pair of comfortable shoes. But I do wear sandals for walking to the bus shelter. The biggest challenge is motivation and developing a habit. Well..I get bored of walking sometimes but I always put in my mind, this is for my own good and try to enjoy the morning air.

Like all types of exercise, the key is start slowly and increase gradually. Try with short distance and short lenght of time. After you have formed a habit, you might want walking all the time and the distance you have passed so far will seem very short for you.

To maximize your walking, keep your posture right. Think of elongating your body. Tighten your abs muscles and buttocks.

Have a nice walk!

Want To Lose Weight? Spare Some Time

"I don't have time to go to the gym"
"The gym is too far"
"I'm busy with work"

Those are the excuses that we often heard from people who actually want to lose weight. And it's just too bad. From 24 hours, you only need to spare 30 minutes from your daily activity each day to exercise.

And during that 30 minutes, you don't need to go to the gym. It can be just walking or jogging or cycling around your neighbourhood. There are different options to maximized your effort, take a walk to your office. If you have to take vehicle, ask your driver to drop you couple of kilometers before your office or park your car little bit further. Take your dog for a walk.

You need to take time for your own health. Try to do it for one week and see the result.

One Saturday To The Old Town That Once Called Batavia

Today's post is not about health but more to leisure after tiring work. We went to one of Jakarta's sightseeing Old City Batavia where you can see lots of Dutch heritages especially the buildings. All of us had great time and the pictures taken were 144 but I just put some.

Welcome to Batavia!!!

Ok..ladies listen! Here are our itineraries for today


In front of the museum

On the steps

It was great ...now it's time to go home

It's Been A While Again

It's been a while again after my last post. Busy with school work as usual, many things going on. Glad it's at ease now, at least can breathe again and no more sleepless nights thingking about what to do.

I can workout in the gym now. Start the low carb diet, start jogging and start doing the routine workouts that I have left for couple of weeks. Over all, I'm happy that the issue passed smoothly.

Good night.....gotta work again tomorrow...my students' performance, portfolio, semester exam and report...

New Saturday Morning Routine

This is what I can quote "When one door closes, the other door opens "..yeap..my breakdance instructor is very busy and cut some of his classes ( oh no!! ). So last week, I decided got up early just to go to the gym. What do you know, it was good!

It's been two Saturdays and I've been enjoying it so much. Enjoy the 30 minutes on ecliptical machine, weight training for 1 hour and relaxing with Body Balance.

Ahhhh...what a life.....

Starting On Breakdancing

Yeap, it was popular in 1970's and it's popular again these days. Breakdance it's street dance based which involve body movements, coordination and style. It's a also known the oldest version of Hip Hop. You might want to thank James Brown and Michael Jackson to bring all these breakdance moves.

Like any dances in the world, the very basic element you need is music. Hip Hop is not the only option. You can choose 70's, soul, funk, some people even use jazz tunes. My favorite is Beastie Boys.

Learning breakdance is quite tricky and can cause injury, thus having knee pads and elbow pads are essential. Just for the info, my knee got swollen practicin the moves. But if you are too shy or you think you have good flexibility wear long pants to cover your knees from bruises.

Breakdance considered as exercise, make sure you do some warm up before you hit the dance floor.

Another important element from breakdance is FASHION! I don't mean to advertise certain brands, but Nike and Adidas have very stylish dance clothing line.
The clothes and the color you choose should show your own personality. Wear t-shirt that fits but don't restrict the movement. Buy some good socks, 'cos breakdancing is lots of footwoork.

So far, the benefits that I get from breakdancing are ( apart from the happy feeling and look cool ) I gain more flexibility and of course found a new to train my core.

Happy Breakdancing!

Confessions of A Nikeholic

Some confessions from ( my new discovered nickname )Nikeholic :

1. Bought another new pair of Nike from its dance clothing line ( love that golden logo print ). Since I'm into breakdancing and oldskool dance. Well, the outfit sort of draining my salary..but what the heck..I'm brokenhearted ( again ) and gotta look cool when dancing!

2. After for nearly 10 days splashing the swimming pool, kinda miss my gym. So yesterday, I was back in action as gym rat went to different clubs in same day. From Body Balance, Body Combat, Breakdance and wrapped with Street Jam!

3. My old love to my Spanish instructor, Xabier ( too bad he's gay ) is blossoming...I miss his classes and really enjoyed his Body Balance yesterday. Will come again for sure babe!

4. In love with Body Balance, feel enlighted with this exercise.

5. Dreaming about this latest edition of Nike..( oh god ). It's red and orange and can be synchronized with iPod....( hhhmmmm....I have the iPod but I need the SHOES!!! )

6. Making excuses to buy those Nike shoes, eventhought I'm broke..( wish I'm filthy rich..I would buy the whole store, if possible I'd buy the Nike company ! )

One Year Celebration

Wheewwww...how time flies..! My blog is celebrating its first anniversary this year. Like all anniversaries or birthdays, I do have wishes for my blog. I hope more people enjoy reading my blog. I hope my writing skill can be improved. I hope myself to be stay healthy so more things to write.
Ok, I'm still tired from hip hop class and still having bad flu..so again...HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY MY DEAR BLOG!!!!

Diet with Patience

Our patience will achieve more than our force
-Edmund Burke-

For almost couple of weeks, I've been taught the art of patience, including about food. I'm a woman with huge apetite of eating. I'm also an emotional eater. As for this year, I made a promise to myself that my fasting should be better than last year.
So far, I have lost 2 days of fasting due to my bad sore throat. However, I learn really valuable things. I thought I could never live during this fasting month. I thought I would fail again. More temptations to just swallow those food.

But you know, as time to break the fasting comes, all those foods who seem calling me to eat taste ordinary. And I'm telling to myself "Hey..that wasn't so bad after all".

It takes a courage to be patient in dieting. Patience to wait for the result. Patience to resist all the temptations ( fatty food, deep fried etc ). We may fall during our patience, and when you fall you don't stay on the ground but get up and find that patience within you. If it applies in everyday living then it should apply in dieting as well.

Hip Hopping 'Till Your Problems Away!

The HipHopper Chicks with Da Instructor

Wooohhhooooooo...what a fun day today! Two hip hop classes with my favorite instructor who reminds me of Wade Robson. And in the middle was Body Combat. How fun is that?? Today's choreography the instructor used Beastie Boys "Ch Check It Out" and for second class something from Old Skool none other MC Hammer "Too Legit To Quit". If couple months back when I broke up with my boyfriend ( or whatever he was back then ), I fell in love with Kickboxing. But these days..I found my groove back through HipHop.

Ahhhhaaaa...the famous hiphopper bunny before the second hip hop class

Well, I've been big fan of hip hop since I joined this fitness club,basically I love dancing. Whenever the blues attacks me, I bounce back with dancing. Unfortunetely, one by one the instructor left. Until this guy came along ( picture later ). I found my motivation to go to the gym again, although still feeling rather lazy doing weight training.

Hmmmm...ColdStone...another guilty pleasure
To wrap up the weekend and to forget my problems away...a large cup of Coldstone Ice Cream!! As my defense, I just did 3 classes and I'm going to the gym again next Tuesday for another HipHop Class!

Choosing The Right Personal Trainer

Finding a right personal trainer is like finding the Mr.Right and I have a reason for that based on my own personal experience. First of all there should chemistry between the personal trainer and his/her client. When the chemistry achieved, the next thing is same vision and mission from both sides. The vision and mission I'm talking about here are the fitness goals, what programs does this trainer has for you.

The right personal trainer not just having same vision and mission, and chemistry but she/he must but certified and skilled in order to maximize your fitness goals. He/she should be able to protect you from injury and teach you the right exercise.

Don't underestimate his/her customer relations skill, it's part of the chemistry built.

Last but not least is think about the budget you have. Count carefully whether his/her service fits your budget.
As I said above finding the right personal trainer is like finding Mr. Right so don't be afraid to ask questions,shop around and take your time to choose the right personal trainer.


This post is my 100th post..but I won't considered this is a real post since it's more to a sad post. I've been busy with work so far, my students this year are very challenging and I need to adapt again with new class.

Luckily, I still make my time to go to gym for at least 2-3 times a week. I knowwww....it's not much and I need to make more. I wish for more hip hop classes at Pondok Indah club led by good instructors of course.

Apart from fitness life..wishing..day dreaming about studying journalistic abroad. Even short course...
DO wishes come true?

Old Skool Fever

Always been a hip hop fan but this new hip hop instructor gives new groove to my hip hop class. He brings back the Old Skool...and boooyyyy...I love the old skool!!!And I'm totally in love with his classes. I feel my life is back! I can't wait Tuesday, eventhough it's far from my work but it's all worth it.
I'm wondering if I'm too old for the hip hop thing?

I Condemn The Terorists and The Bombings

Yes, I condemn the terrorists and the bombings which happened Friday ( 17/7/09) last week. Not just the casualties but the daily life. With these bombings, the malls increase their security level and they don't use metal detector anymore but the old fashioned way checking the inside of the bag one by one. Which is ( for me ) a privacy assault. Why? because I often carry gym bag, and inside it are my private belongings. Can you imagine a male digging out my bag? Where's my privacy.
Another thing is there was rumor of bomb threat and caused the classes are cancelled.

I hate you terrorists, you make other's people life more difficult and don't make religion as justification to your evil actions!

My Guilty Pleasures

Hey even top athletes or world record holders have their own guilty pleasures, right ? Since I'm a food lover, live in country filled with spices and great eating buddies. No surprise I have my own guilty pleasures, here they are in random order :

Nasi Padang ( Padang Rice )
Hmmm..a perfect lunch, this bento type with Padang style. Padang is another name for West Sumatera where its food rich with coconut milk and the green chilli.

Chilli Crab
I'm a cancer with crab symbol, means I love crabs and including chilli crab. Very delicious. BTW, when it comes to crab, I'm very selfish..so no sharing please!

Keripik Paru
These chips made from cow's lungs ( yikes sounds gross ) very delicious snacks and rich with saturated fat hehehehehe...

Rujak Buah
Indonesian style fruit salad with peanut and brown sugar dressing. I often crave for this during my PMS. Perhaps because of the sour , hot and sweet taste.

Sate Kambing ( Lamb Satay )
My family love this dish. This dish is very dangerous for those who have high cholesterol. Sweet taste of soy sauce combined with peanut sauce and completed with sticky rice and pickles.
Es Podeng ( Ice Podeng )
Indonesian dessert, great to wrap up the meal. Near my school there's this es podeng seller who sells his ice at 8am!!!! Best for hot weather like Jakarta.

There are more on the list such as french fries with melted cheese on top and others that I can't list here. Because it would be very llloooonnnnggg.....

Hot Yoga Anyone?

Last Wednesday, I was on top of my plateau and dead bored playing with those weights. Then went to yoga studio to check the timetable. Hmm..hot yoga is on at 6 o'clock, I just gave it a go. I never been a yoga person, although I've tried some yoga classes but seems there's no fire flickering between me and yoga. But hey when hitting a plateau it's time to spice up the exercise.

Hot yoga is which the temperature set to 42 degrees celcius and it's just another name for Bikram Yoga. The challenge I felt : my patience!! Why? Since the movements are slow and the room temperature is heat up you might feel fed up with it and just want to give up. It was like in sauna and doing yoga for 1 hour! The sensation was great though.

The tips and caution :
1. Drink a lot of water to keep you away from dehydration.
2. It's wise not to consume any meal two hours before
3. If you're expecting, this is not a yoga for you because it raises the core body temperature
4. Make sure you smell good :P


Hmmm..yeaahh...my diet seems falling apart. Overeating is clinging over me. I can't resist the food around and this holiday I have more eating buddies. I'm too scared to look the scale. I'm still going to the gym 3 times a week. But it looks thats not enough. I'm overeating!!

Tonight, I'm determined to start my diet by cutting the carbs but ummm..how can I resist this kung pao chicked with fried rice ??Hmm..start tomorrow perhaps?

Holiday Workout : Swimming Time!

One day after my birthday, let's say it was a good day. There are many wishes and spent the day with the one I love.
During the holiday, my days filled with...swimmingggg!!! Yeah, I love swimming. It's my first love of exercise. Luckily I have the access to the best swimming pool in town. The only side effect is dry skin but thank God there's lotion. So nothing to worry about, put on the bathing suit and jump on the water !!


Wow..it's been ages since my lost post. But now it's holiday so I hope I have moret time to write my blog. Okay, it's quite disappointing because I can't get my summer body back. Well, I haven't been working out and watching my diet.

Holiday plan? Not much, well actually I have no plan for holiday. Just going to the gym and eat?

Well,I'll see.........!!!

Fighting Temptations

Giving myself a pat in the back. For 3 days in a row I manage to drag myself going to the gym. My body still feels heavy just to get there. But once I get there, I defeated all temptations. Like today for example. I was tempted to have sushi. But told myself I have to be focus and focus. Guess what..30 minutes run on treadmill, 1 hour lower body exercise and 15 minutes fat burn using ecliptical machine.

Well, even my situation no is filled with boredom. There was a bit of luck yesterday. I met my ex trainer. He was free and gave free 1 hour session. Wooohooo...I was lucky.

Plan for tomorrow? Body combat, upper body exercise and of course another 30 minutes run.
Go Alia..must stay in shape..don't let the boredom and sorrow get to you.

( Not So ) Suddenly Slimmer

Yeah, I think I'm putting on weight. I do know why though. It's the boredom. When I'm bored I turn to food, not healthy one but high carbs one. Well according to research carbs makes us more relax.

The effect of course not good. Putting more weight and stuffs. Tried going to the gym today but didn't make sadness away. I felt happy when I was doing the training..it's blank again. Empty and lonely.

The boredom of course the same routine and less dancing classes. T_T

Glad I Decided Went To The Gym

How good I feel after working out. I was faced with two choices in the morning, going to have my nails done or exercise. And I'm soooo...glad with my decision. Started with run on treadmill for 15 minutes then total body weight training, and wrapped up with BODY COMBAT! YAY!

Oh yeah speaking of Body Combat, the regular instructor was substituted with a rookie, still young but he looks okay. So I gave it a go...turned he's pretty good, had good sweat. I think he'd be great instructor someday. He's got the patience, his instructions were clear, he knows how to keep all the members motivated. So good for him.

Next, is my sister. Quite harsh with her today. I'm completely clueless with her. She's very obesed!
For years, I've been telling her to be more active. Even the doctors she met, told her to lose some weight. But she DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN! She finally joined in the same gym with me..but she has thousands of excuses not to exercise and now she discard the membership. Now she come up with new excuse : being pregnant! Hey I've seen lots of people pregnant but still active.

I have no idea what to do with my obesed sister. She's 5 years younger than me, but her body already looks she's been give birth for 10 times.

Is There Anyone Beside Him?

Seems that my world evolve just around him. Try to be out from the "orbit" like going to the gym
( very lazy these days ), occupy myself with friends and family, watching funny movies, eat and so much more...but yet he's still in my mind.

Having crush in the gym didn't help, because I saw him bought a ring in a jewelery shop.

Grrr...I hate this actually.

To My Mum

That's me on her lap

GOD made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He molded her heart of pure gold
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks, fair roses you see
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.

~Pat O'Reilly~

Though you are not here with us, you're still in our heart. Love you always....

Shoulder Exercise : Arnold Press

Spice up your shoulder exercise with arnold press. This is my most favorite shoulder exercise using dumbbells. It gives wide range of motion as you lower the dumbbells well down in front giving that maximum stretch other shoulder exercises lack.

Here's how you do it :

1. Stand up right with dumbbells on each side. Position your dumbbells to your shoulder with palms facing you.

2. Similar to dumbbell press, in this exercise is the dumbbells are twisted so that the palms face forward at the top of the movement.

To finish the step, simply lower your dumbbells like the first position. Enjoy the workout!

Gym Sunday Supreme : Boy I Had A Blast

It's Sunday and it's time to for gym! Today, I'm taking my 6 years old niece with me because every Sunday there's Kids Dance which she can join while I'm doing my Body Combat. Well, not just my niece I'm taking but my sister and my baby nephew Justin ( of course they are not joining any classes, just strolling around the mall while waiting for us).

I had a great time with them. Enjoyed my niece companion, we had a great meal at Burger King ( bad for meeee...!!!! ). Today it's just awesome. So thankful I've got them.

Happy smileys after workout

Before the workout

My Sunday gym stuffs ( pinky..winky )

Out From Plateau : Back In Da Gym..Yayyyy!!!

Yeap..this chick is back in the gym! She found her groove back to hit the gym and do the exercise routine. Well, mostly just do the classes. But that's an improvement compare to previous weeks right? Thanks to the new instructors who just came and thanks to my Latin Salsa guru who's been totally amusing during his classes. And another trigger is I felt my body "so heavy".

This week itself, managed to go to the gym for 3 times. And will be going again for Supreme Sunday Gym ( just my term to get me motivated ).

Here are the things I did to get out from this plateau :
  • Download happy songs ( mostly R&B ) to accompany me during weight training
  • Download new exercises and dance videos from YouTube
  • Bring gym bag everyday
  • Uploading new motivations within myself.

Going Back To The Gym

It's 5.35AM, about to go to work. My pink Nike gym bag already stuffed with all the gym stuffs hopefully after work, I'll be still motivated to go. Exercise planning ? Just total body workout with weight and little bit of cardio.

Hope to out from this plateau soon...

Still Finding Exit Plan From The Plateau

Okay, it's been 3 weeks I'm trying to get out from this plateau and finding motivation to go to the gym. So far I have only managed 2 times a week with low intensity. Often I get sleepy while doing exercises, unless I do latin salsa class.

My friends say that I have to change the routine because I've been in the gym for years and years. Perhaps they are right.

But ummm...I walk almost everyday for 10 minutes..does it count? And not to forget I do house chores too. Then again..my diet seems very disorganized these days. I hope next week is better.

Getting Out From Plateau Part 2

With extra dose of fat burner, finally managed to do 1 hour weight training and 2 classes ( Hip Hop and Body Combat ). My abs still looks flabby.

At home,I had another exercise : house chores!!!!!!!

I'm so dead tired, still heaps of laundry to be ironed..but oh what the heck...I'm going to bed.

Next schedule to hit the gym is on Wednesday..gosh I hope I still have the energy left.

Getting Out From Plateau : Fighting Over My Laziness

I'm trying to go back to the gym again. Last Wednesday, I forced myself to go to Celebrity Fitness FX. Still lazy to do weight training, so I only joined Latin Salsa class. On Friday, no matter how lazy I was, dragging myself to go the same place. That time it was better, at least I did 1 hour weight training and followed by spinning class.

Now this Sunday ( which is tomorrow ), I have prepared everything for 2 classes: Dancing Queen and Body Combat. Before will do weight training. Let's see if I can do it.

I'm Hitting Plateau!!!!!!!

This is bad...really bad..I'm hitting a plateau. My motivation to go to gym just evaporated,vanished in thin air. Gym seems not a best place for me now. I want to complain..I'm bored with exercise. I need something different. One whole week without gym still didn't make me miss the gym.

I do try to look whats the problem though and what I figured out are work; I get up at 4.30AM to avoid traffic, spend too much time on the road. Takes about 1hour 45 minutes from home to work. I have no maid, I lack of sleep, dancing classes have been reduced and no cute guys in the gym *sob*...last time I had a crush in the gym few days later I saw him bought a ring..noooo....*another sob*

Please help me recover from hitting this plateau!

Back To Work

Everything must has end, so does my holiday. I had fun during the holiday..just it is too short ! ^_^
So tomorrow is back to routine chasing this green and white mini bus, full with people. The great thing about this bus is because it travels fast and the ride is breathtaking.
If you see the bus on the right...that's my bus.

And tomorrow is back to my students, lots of things to do : portfolio, report cards, school production and sport days.

So take a deep breath and get ready for work.....

Body Combat @ Home

With average ( or perhaps rather below) IT expertise, I managed to upload some tracks of Body Combat. In the end, I spent the rest one hour doing full Body Combat of different releases from YouTube. And oh boy it was fun! The first time I did Body Combat at home. Wasn't so bad after all, as matter of fact I'm over excited now heheehheeh....

Cupcakes : Not Good As It Looks

Cupcakes are everywhere these days. From birthdays to just a thank you symbol. I got some cupcakes as christmas gifts, my students gave away cupcakes as goodie bag.

Cupcakes come in different decorations, relatively inexpensive and many of them are so pretty and cute that it is a shame if you eat it. Here, I found some facts which might stop you to eat them :

1. A cupcake is equivalent to 3 slices of pizza ( ouch )
2. In general, one cupcake consists of 25o calories
3. A cupcake is high in sugar and high in carbs ( do you know what it means right ?)
4. Since a cupcake is high in sugar, so I can assume that a cupcake is nothing but an empty calorie.
Well,I hope the 4 facts above might give a second or third though to consume them. If you fancy to have cupcake/s,it would be wise to exercise in the next day ^-^

The Greatest Wealth

How do you measure your wealth? By diamonds and gold ? Money in the bank? Some people call happiness is the wealth.

For me health is my wealth. You might want to argue with being happy. This is my argument; can you find happiness if you are not healthy? Think a lot of things you can do when you are healthy and think again if you got cancer, what can you do? Mind cancer, how about just cold?

Can you enjoy your life? Can you feel the sun? Can you reach your goals?

If you are healthy, means you are happy. Why? In order to achieve healthy life are exercise, balanced diet and enough rest. When you exercise your body produces endorphine, a natural morphine. Eating the right food, you are putting natural vitamins, natural immune system and detoxicating your body. When you get enough rest, you feel relaxed and recharged.

If you are healthy, you will be able to attain your dreams, you will be able to pass all the troubles in life means you will be happy.

Even we have all the money in the world, but if we just able to lie down in bed with nothing to do. Will you be able to enjoy your wealth? Take vacation, eat fancy food or just shopping ? If you are sick, don't you think your money just goes to the doctor, hospital fee, medicines etc?

We often forget to value health as our investment to live our life. Instead we often torturing our body with toxic. Remember sickness comes because our own fault, we invite the virus or the bacteria to ourselves instead building a fort for our body.

It's never wrong to enjoy life while you are young, but it is always right to enjoy your life in healthy way.

So be healthy and be wealthy..

A New Blog Is Born

Yes, now I have two blogs. This new blog is my manifestation of my thoughts and words which just been wandering in my mind, which is irrelevant if I put it in this blog. It is my diary in reaching peace of mind, a journey of letting go and everything about it.

This blog can be found at http://journeyoflettinggo.blogspot.com

Piggin' Out

Typical Indonesian Food Scene (for me this is really good scene!*smile*)

Oh my God, I turn to food for comfort! Hopefully this is just part of PMS. For whole day, nothing I did beside pigging out. By the time I woke up...bread with honey, just 30 minutes later banana chips. Finished with banana chips, had this sticky rice and risoles ( traditional indonesian food ). For lunch KFC's famous fried chicken! And dessert chocolate sundae.

Not to forget last night, I had beef satay ( very delicious ) with the sticky rice. On the way home from gym I couldn't resist the temptation of Coldstone ice cream.

As redemption, I did house chores...I hope it's enough to burn the calories. And I hope to get iPod chromatic soooonnnn.....

*Must go to the gym tomorrow.....must go to the gym....don't be lazy* contemplating myself over and over...

Peace At Last....

This post is more about my lesson of letting go someone. Someone whom at first, had filled my heart with new hopes after a storm. It was painful, I was suffocated with hatred. I even planned a revenge, a very nasty one. Thought about him as my punching bag.

None of them helped to go through letting go phase. As matter of fact, I only nurtured hate and became the person I didn't want to be. Until last week, nothing I felt beside deep hurt and hate. Was good thing I didn't really use him as punching bag.

Anyway, got into my senses that I just had to bend on my knee and pray to God,"Please help me to accept this, please don't let the anger and hate overwhelm me".

All the hate and anger replaced with peace and comfort. I'm accepting what had had happened, accepting somethings just can't go my way, accepting he doesn't love me the way like I do, accepting everything.....the funny thing is I don't think of his face anymore as the punchbag.
Now, no matter how he had hurted me..I still want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to learn how to let go....

And peace at last............................

Don't Take My iPOd!!!

Hiks...hiks...sob..sob...my iPod is just "dead". It was my fault, I forgot to take it out from my gym bag when I wanted to wash my gym bag and my iPod just soaked with water.
Ohhh....noooo....how could this happen??How can I be so reckless????
Anything but my iPod! My ex could leave me, my credit card can go... but not my iPod.
It's like my heartbeat when exercising, running on the treadmill, when the traffic is bad, when I need hip hop to dance with and when everything is blue. It's been my everything for nearly 3 years.

Now, it's dead..can't be fixed..*hiks* Please not my iPod... now must wait for 2 paydays to buy the new one....hiks...hiks...

Becoming Alia Balboa : Done Chasing Pavements

Today, I actually had the great ever opportunity to practice my kickboxing lesson with the actual person. The person whom his face that I had always thought as my punchbag. Why I didn't do it?First thing was just be calm and second thought... I could get arrested for attacking someone and that's not good.

Well anyway, I'm glad I didn't. There will be more kickboxing lessons coming, have more energy to let out all the anger, sadness and hatred. However, as much I wanted to think about his face while doing the punching and kicking. Somehow it didnt come out. I have accepted the pain and let go the hate. No matter it hurts and no matter how my heart is boiling with anger, I hope to be forgiving.

For the ladies out there : the best revenge when somebody hurt you is just go to the gym, get yourself healthy and stay in shape. That's I'm doing even there's still feeling for him, missing him etc just hit the gym!
Beside it's more fun being healthy and in shape bitch than one angry bitch with a vengeance.

Oh yeah...one more : as much I want to buy more and more Nike outfits and go shopping as justification to cheer myself..I decided to cut my credit card off. That's another THE HARDEST THING TO DO! Way hardest than let go my ex.

Bring The Sexy Back

The muscles in the back are some of the largest in the body. They provide the support and protection that your spine needs as you go through daily life. There are some muscles in the back that are a part of your core muscles that will help you to be strong and coordinated. When you develop your back muscles, you will be getting a very sexy look while you make you are making yourself stronger.

Many alternatives available to train your back, but these two are my favorite and the most I often do :



This Is Me..Outside Gym Life and Teaching Life

The Bday girl and her lovely,beautiful and fit muse*hihihih*

While waiting for our lunches

It's been another two weeks I haven't written anything in my blog. Very busy with work, looks that my writing ideas sucked into making lesson plans, parents teacher interview,school production and personal life.

Anyway...last week, I went to my friend's birthday lunch. She is my fellow writer and colleague. This week, due to my lack of inspiration just sharing the pictures...the other part of me as gym junkie. BTW thanks to Mira for her wonderful birthday. Love the restaurant darl....very cosy and warm

My eating,drinking,shopping,colleague BFF

Drunken Masters

Books are our friend*lol*.....two lovely writers

After a nice and hearty lunch