My Guilty Pleasures

Hey even top athletes or world record holders have their own guilty pleasures, right ? Since I'm a food lover, live in country filled with spices and great eating buddies. No surprise I have my own guilty pleasures, here they are in random order :

Nasi Padang ( Padang Rice )
Hmmm..a perfect lunch, this bento type with Padang style. Padang is another name for West Sumatera where its food rich with coconut milk and the green chilli.

Chilli Crab
I'm a cancer with crab symbol, means I love crabs and including chilli crab. Very delicious. BTW, when it comes to crab, I'm very no sharing please!

Keripik Paru
These chips made from cow's lungs ( yikes sounds gross ) very delicious snacks and rich with saturated fat hehehehehe...

Rujak Buah
Indonesian style fruit salad with peanut and brown sugar dressing. I often crave for this during my PMS. Perhaps because of the sour , hot and sweet taste.

Sate Kambing ( Lamb Satay )
My family love this dish. This dish is very dangerous for those who have high cholesterol. Sweet taste of soy sauce combined with peanut sauce and completed with sticky rice and pickles.
Es Podeng ( Ice Podeng )
Indonesian dessert, great to wrap up the meal. Near my school there's this es podeng seller who sells his ice at 8am!!!! Best for hot weather like Jakarta.

There are more on the list such as french fries with melted cheese on top and others that I can't list here. Because it would be very llloooonnnnggg.....

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