Going Back To The Gym

It's 5.35AM, about to go to work. My pink Nike gym bag already stuffed with all the gym stuffs hopefully after work, I'll be still motivated to go. Exercise planning ? Just total body workout with weight and little bit of cardio.

Hope to out from this plateau soon...

Still Finding Exit Plan From The Plateau

Okay, it's been 3 weeks I'm trying to get out from this plateau and finding motivation to go to the gym. So far I have only managed 2 times a week with low intensity. Often I get sleepy while doing exercises, unless I do latin salsa class.

My friends say that I have to change the routine because I've been in the gym for years and years. Perhaps they are right.

But ummm...I walk almost everyday for 10 minutes..does it count? And not to forget I do house chores too. Then again..my diet seems very disorganized these days. I hope next week is better.

Getting Out From Plateau Part 2

With extra dose of fat burner, finally managed to do 1 hour weight training and 2 classes ( Hip Hop and Body Combat ). My abs still looks flabby.

At home,I had another exercise : house chores!!!!!!!

I'm so dead tired, still heaps of laundry to be ironed..but oh what the heck...I'm going to bed.

Next schedule to hit the gym is on Wednesday..gosh I hope I still have the energy left.

Getting Out From Plateau : Fighting Over My Laziness

I'm trying to go back to the gym again. Last Wednesday, I forced myself to go to Celebrity Fitness FX. Still lazy to do weight training, so I only joined Latin Salsa class. On Friday, no matter how lazy I was, dragging myself to go the same place. That time it was better, at least I did 1 hour weight training and followed by spinning class.

Now this Sunday ( which is tomorrow ), I have prepared everything for 2 classes: Dancing Queen and Body Combat. Before will do weight training. Let's see if I can do it.

I'm Hitting Plateau!!!!!!!

This is bad...really bad..I'm hitting a plateau. My motivation to go to gym just evaporated,vanished in thin air. Gym seems not a best place for me now. I want to complain..I'm bored with exercise. I need something different. One whole week without gym still didn't make me miss the gym.

I do try to look whats the problem though and what I figured out are work; I get up at 4.30AM to avoid traffic, spend too much time on the road. Takes about 1hour 45 minutes from home to work. I have no maid, I lack of sleep, dancing classes have been reduced and no cute guys in the gym *sob*...last time I had a crush in the gym few days later I saw him bought a ring..noooo....*another sob*

Please help me recover from hitting this plateau!

Back To Work

Everything must has end, so does my holiday. I had fun during the holiday..just it is too short ! ^_^
So tomorrow is back to routine chasing this green and white mini bus, full with people. The great thing about this bus is because it travels fast and the ride is breathtaking.
If you see the bus on the right...that's my bus.

And tomorrow is back to my students, lots of things to do : portfolio, report cards, school production and sport days.

So take a deep breath and get ready for work.....

Body Combat @ Home

With average ( or perhaps rather below) IT expertise, I managed to upload some tracks of Body Combat. In the end, I spent the rest one hour doing full Body Combat of different releases from YouTube. And oh boy it was fun! The first time I did Body Combat at home. Wasn't so bad after all, as matter of fact I'm over excited now heheehheeh....

Cupcakes : Not Good As It Looks

Cupcakes are everywhere these days. From birthdays to just a thank you symbol. I got some cupcakes as christmas gifts, my students gave away cupcakes as goodie bag.

Cupcakes come in different decorations, relatively inexpensive and many of them are so pretty and cute that it is a shame if you eat it. Here, I found some facts which might stop you to eat them :

1. A cupcake is equivalent to 3 slices of pizza ( ouch )
2. In general, one cupcake consists of 25o calories
3. A cupcake is high in sugar and high in carbs ( do you know what it means right ?)
4. Since a cupcake is high in sugar, so I can assume that a cupcake is nothing but an empty calorie.
Well,I hope the 4 facts above might give a second or third though to consume them. If you fancy to have cupcake/s,it would be wise to exercise in the next day ^-^