Don't Like Being Sick

Yesterday, first thing in the morning, I felt my tummy hurts, forced myself to work. When I got to work, I started to feel nausea, feverish and head spinning. I knew,I wasn't well. I finished the day feeling miserable. However, since I've brought my gym bag and I didn't want to waste it. I put my whole the rest energy to join 2 dance classes. Well..I ended up nearly fainted.

Today, I went to the doctor the blood pressure is very low. She suggested me to take some rest. I know, I haven't rested enough. I had been juggling among dancing, practice for running and doing chores. So I guess this is time to rest my body.

Nobody like being sick. I can't go to the gym. I miss my dancing classes already. I couldn't dance to the max. I couldn't run longer enough.

Hopefully..I will feel better tomorrow.

Challenging Myself

Having new love for running, I am very keen to educate myself the whole thing about running. For example, what food is best to consume before running and after running, how to run for longer duration without getting exhausted, how to avoid injury during running and still many more. I do really visual myself to be a better runner.

Another goal holiday to Bali which is in 4 weeks time. The bikini body program is starting already. It's still contains running and weight training. To avoid over training, I have to sacrifice one of dancing days. It's sad, but I only miss 1 dancing day and hopefully it will work as expected.

Today, as I have done some researches and some recipes, I've made work out plans, eating plans and even resting plans. So basically, today is the official kick off for the challenge.