Stop Looking At Those Numbers On The Scale!

Yeahh, I got tired hearing my female friends complaining about their weights and they are just looking fine. Numbers on the scale don't represent anything. I told them what matter is whether you girls are healthy. Seriously, I have a friend who is fairly skinny but her cholesterol level is very high. Your appearance is not based on the numbers on the scale.

What really matter is you girls being healthy and happy. Stop worrying the numbers on the scale. Go to the gym, eat right, be happy, and have enough rest.

Gym Walking Time : Celebrity Fitness Gandaria City

I know...I have been very lazy and busy to post in this blog. But it doesn't mean that I'm putting away my health conscious. My love for gym hasn't faded yet. As matter of fact, couple weeks ago, me and my friends went to the grand opening of Celebrity Fitness' new branch at Gandaria City. It was great fun. The pictures above are hip hop performances by the instructors. *Love y'all* Thanks for bringing the hip hop to the gym !

Of course, because I'm a big fan of Celebrity Fitness, I have to try and give a little visit. Since it's not far from Pondok Indah Mall branch and my house. About the club itself, it's nice good ambiance. The layout of aerobic studio is quite bad, I don't know what are the pillars doing in the studio. They only make the studio small. The floor is not really good for dancing.

However, the good part is the location. The mall itself is pretty attractive, lots of eateries,department store and theater. So, it won't be boring to wait for the classes.