It's New Year Already ( For Me )

loving my new hair!! but it's not the only one that change!

2010 ends in just 42 days, but I'm feeling New Year already. It's all brand new me. From new hairdo, new opportunities ahead, working in new place, new routine, new perspective and perhaps ( hopefully ) a new boyfriend, new body ( I'm working out a lot harder these days with new program ). Whatever happening in my life right now are brand new me.

After the storm, I had ( my fiance is having an affair ), my life is totally changing. I don't know the God's plan for me, but I handled my problem very well. Of course there was emotion involved. With God's help, I'm moving on.

The exciting news is, my work is very very close to my gym! How cool is that. I wanted this thing to happen.
So, like I said, it's New Year already FOR ME!! And I hope for the people out there. No need to wait until 2011 to make changes. Changes can start anytime.

Give It Up To My Man....EMINEM!!

Yeapp...HOLLA at Eminem! I love his come back album and being mature in his raps. It's all started on one boring morning and was watching MTV and there it was his "Not Afraid" video played.

Somehow like magic, it really moved me. That moment my whole life was falling apart. My fiance ( now ex fiance aka John Tucker ) is being a total jerk, I'm glad I made it through the storms he's been giving me.

Well, anyway, let's get back to Eminem now. Since his songs are in iPod and I keep listening to them while working out. The energy is huge, I feel the power running through vein listening to his music. What do you know, when I use to listen to up beat music for exercise and turn out rap can be motivating music. My weight training is improving, my muscle mass increased. I feel so GREAT!!

One of The Best Treasures : FRIENDS

High on green tea...hahahahahahahah......

Just empty wine bottle...Love my gal Mega for her craziness

Outside the restaurant

The whole gang!!!

The pictures above are me with my gym friends, my dance friends to be specific. Dance unite us together and we become family. I love being with them, I treasure my moments with them. With them it's always filled with laughter. Special thanks for Hamdi Fabas who has been so patient teaching us breakdance moves.