Hip Hopping 'Till Your Problems Away!

The HipHopper Chicks with Da Instructor

Wooohhhooooooo...what a fun day today! Two hip hop classes with my favorite instructor who reminds me of Wade Robson. And in the middle was Body Combat. How fun is that?? Today's choreography the instructor used Beastie Boys "Ch Check It Out" and for second class something from Old Skool none other MC Hammer "Too Legit To Quit". If couple months back when I broke up with my boyfriend ( or whatever he was back then ), I fell in love with Kickboxing. But these days..I found my groove back through HipHop.

Ahhhhaaaa...the famous hiphopper bunny before the second hip hop class

Well, I've been big fan of hip hop since I joined this fitness club,basically I love dancing. Whenever the blues attacks me, I bounce back with dancing. Unfortunetely, one by one the instructor left. Until this guy came along ( picture later ). I found my motivation to go to the gym again, although still feeling rather lazy doing weight training.

Hmmmm...ColdStone...another guilty pleasure
To wrap up the weekend and to forget my problems away...a large cup of Coldstone Ice Cream!! As my defense, I just did 3 classes and I'm going to the gym again next Tuesday for another HipHop Class!

Choosing The Right Personal Trainer

Finding a right personal trainer is like finding the Mr.Right and I have a reason for that based on my own personal experience. First of all there should chemistry between the personal trainer and his/her client. When the chemistry achieved, the next thing is same vision and mission from both sides. The vision and mission I'm talking about here are the fitness goals, what programs does this trainer has for you.

The right personal trainer not just having same vision and mission, and chemistry but she/he must but certified and skilled in order to maximize your fitness goals. He/she should be able to protect you from injury and teach you the right exercise.

Don't underestimate his/her customer relations skill, it's part of the chemistry built.

Last but not least is think about the budget you have. Count carefully whether his/her service fits your budget.
As I said above finding the right personal trainer is like finding Mr. Right so don't be afraid to ask questions,shop around and take your time to choose the right personal trainer.


This post is my 100th post..but I won't considered this is a real post since it's more to a sad post. I've been busy with work so far, my students this year are very challenging and I need to adapt again with new class.

Luckily, I still make my time to go to gym for at least 2-3 times a week. I knowwww....it's not much and I need to make more. I wish for more hip hop classes at Pondok Indah club led by good instructors of course.

Apart from fitness life..wishing..day dreaming about studying journalistic abroad. Even short course...
DO wishes come true?