Hip Hopping 'Till Your Problems Away!

The HipHopper Chicks with Da Instructor

Wooohhhooooooo...what a fun day today! Two hip hop classes with my favorite instructor who reminds me of Wade Robson. And in the middle was Body Combat. How fun is that?? Today's choreography the instructor used Beastie Boys "Ch Check It Out" and for second class something from Old Skool none other MC Hammer "Too Legit To Quit". If couple months back when I broke up with my boyfriend ( or whatever he was back then ), I fell in love with Kickboxing. But these days..I found my groove back through HipHop.

Ahhhhaaaa...the famous hiphopper bunny before the second hip hop class

Well, I've been big fan of hip hop since I joined this fitness club,basically I love dancing. Whenever the blues attacks me, I bounce back with dancing. Unfortunetely, one by one the instructor left. Until this guy came along ( picture later ). I found my motivation to go to the gym again, although still feeling rather lazy doing weight training.

Hmmmm...ColdStone...another guilty pleasure
To wrap up the weekend and to forget my problems away...a large cup of Coldstone Ice Cream!! As my defense, I just did 3 classes and I'm going to the gym again next Tuesday for another HipHop Class!

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Joy Winner-or-Whiner said...

It rocks that you have found something positive, such as hip hop fitness to help push you past the blues.