The Greatest Wealth

How do you measure your wealth? By diamonds and gold ? Money in the bank? Some people call happiness is the wealth.

For me health is my wealth. You might want to argue with being happy. This is my argument; can you find happiness if you are not healthy? Think a lot of things you can do when you are healthy and think again if you got cancer, what can you do? Mind cancer, how about just cold?

Can you enjoy your life? Can you feel the sun? Can you reach your goals?

If you are healthy, means you are happy. Why? In order to achieve healthy life are exercise, balanced diet and enough rest. When you exercise your body produces endorphine, a natural morphine. Eating the right food, you are putting natural vitamins, natural immune system and detoxicating your body. When you get enough rest, you feel relaxed and recharged.

If you are healthy, you will be able to attain your dreams, you will be able to pass all the troubles in life means you will be happy.

Even we have all the money in the world, but if we just able to lie down in bed with nothing to do. Will you be able to enjoy your wealth? Take vacation, eat fancy food or just shopping ? If you are sick, don't you think your money just goes to the doctor, hospital fee, medicines etc?

We often forget to value health as our investment to live our life. Instead we often torturing our body with toxic. Remember sickness comes because our own fault, we invite the virus or the bacteria to ourselves instead building a fort for our body.

It's never wrong to enjoy life while you are young, but it is always right to enjoy your life in healthy way.

So be healthy and be wealthy..

A New Blog Is Born

Yes, now I have two blogs. This new blog is my manifestation of my thoughts and words which just been wandering in my mind, which is irrelevant if I put it in this blog. It is my diary in reaching peace of mind, a journey of letting go and everything about it.

This blog can be found at

Piggin' Out

Typical Indonesian Food Scene (for me this is really good scene!*smile*)

Oh my God, I turn to food for comfort! Hopefully this is just part of PMS. For whole day, nothing I did beside pigging out. By the time I woke up...bread with honey, just 30 minutes later banana chips. Finished with banana chips, had this sticky rice and risoles ( traditional indonesian food ). For lunch KFC's famous fried chicken! And dessert chocolate sundae.

Not to forget last night, I had beef satay ( very delicious ) with the sticky rice. On the way home from gym I couldn't resist the temptation of Coldstone ice cream.

As redemption, I did house chores...I hope it's enough to burn the calories. And I hope to get iPod chromatic soooonnnn.....

*Must go to the gym tomorrow.....must go to the gym....don't be lazy* contemplating myself over and over...

Peace At Last....

This post is more about my lesson of letting go someone. Someone whom at first, had filled my heart with new hopes after a storm. It was painful, I was suffocated with hatred. I even planned a revenge, a very nasty one. Thought about him as my punching bag.

None of them helped to go through letting go phase. As matter of fact, I only nurtured hate and became the person I didn't want to be. Until last week, nothing I felt beside deep hurt and hate. Was good thing I didn't really use him as punching bag.

Anyway, got into my senses that I just had to bend on my knee and pray to God,"Please help me to accept this, please don't let the anger and hate overwhelm me".

All the hate and anger replaced with peace and comfort. I'm accepting what had had happened, accepting somethings just can't go my way, accepting he doesn't love me the way like I do, accepting everything.....the funny thing is I don't think of his face anymore as the punchbag.
Now, no matter how he had hurted me..I still want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to learn how to let go....

And peace at last............................

Don't Take My iPOd!!! iPod is just "dead". It was my fault, I forgot to take it out from my gym bag when I wanted to wash my gym bag and my iPod just soaked with water. could this happen??How can I be so reckless????
Anything but my iPod! My ex could leave me, my credit card can go... but not my iPod.
It's like my heartbeat when exercising, running on the treadmill, when the traffic is bad, when I need hip hop to dance with and when everything is blue. It's been my everything for nearly 3 years.

Now, it's dead..can't be fixed..*hiks* Please not my iPod... now must wait for 2 paydays to buy the new one....hiks...hiks...

Becoming Alia Balboa : Done Chasing Pavements

Today, I actually had the great ever opportunity to practice my kickboxing lesson with the actual person. The person whom his face that I had always thought as my punchbag. Why I didn't do it?First thing was just be calm and second thought... I could get arrested for attacking someone and that's not good.

Well anyway, I'm glad I didn't. There will be more kickboxing lessons coming, have more energy to let out all the anger, sadness and hatred. However, as much I wanted to think about his face while doing the punching and kicking. Somehow it didnt come out. I have accepted the pain and let go the hate. No matter it hurts and no matter how my heart is boiling with anger, I hope to be forgiving.

For the ladies out there : the best revenge when somebody hurt you is just go to the gym, get yourself healthy and stay in shape. That's I'm doing even there's still feeling for him, missing him etc just hit the gym!
Beside it's more fun being healthy and in shape bitch than one angry bitch with a vengeance.

Oh more : as much I want to buy more and more Nike outfits and go shopping as justification to cheer myself..I decided to cut my credit card off. That's another THE HARDEST THING TO DO! Way hardest than let go my ex.