Piggin' Out

Typical Indonesian Food Scene (for me this is really good scene!*smile*)

Oh my God, I turn to food for comfort! Hopefully this is just part of PMS. For whole day, nothing I did beside pigging out. By the time I woke up...bread with honey, just 30 minutes later banana chips. Finished with banana chips, had this sticky rice and risoles ( traditional indonesian food ). For lunch KFC's famous fried chicken! And dessert chocolate sundae.

Not to forget last night, I had beef satay ( very delicious ) with the sticky rice. On the way home from gym I couldn't resist the temptation of Coldstone ice cream.

As redemption, I did house chores...I hope it's enough to burn the calories. And I hope to get iPod chromatic soooonnnn.....

*Must go to the gym tomorrow.....must go to the gym....don't be lazy* contemplating myself over and over...

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