90 Days Motivational Program : Day 2

Now I'm on day 2 of my program. I gave a little twist to my usual routine exercise. If even during holidays I go to the gym in afternoons, today I did it in early morning, 8AM. A new experience and good to avoid boredom.

I'm working on my lower body parts, which are gluteus, hamstring and quadricep muscles. Training with machines still convenient for me instead of free weight. Before, working on the targeted muscles, the very must thing to do is 30 minutes cardio and wrap up with 15 minutes to cool down.

I'm still having fun with my motivational program and the hardest part of this program is maintaining the motivation and enthusiasm to focus with my exercises.

90 Days Motivational Program

The program is designed exclusively by me and used by me. Although it's still in scratch, the countdown starts as December 27, 2009. Since today is Sunday, where I usually spend hours and hours in the gym. The kick-off, I think, it's pretty awesome. I started ecliptical machine for 15 minutes ( high resistance ), as my body got warmed up, I focused on my chest, back, triceps, abs and a bit of shoulder muscles.

Lots of time spare before Body Combat class, I broke down my exercises into :

Chest :
- Smith incline chest press
- Inclined dumbell chest fly
- Dumbell chest press

Back :
- Barbell good morning
- Rowing
- Back up

Abs :
- Ball sit - ups
- Torso rotation

For shoulder I only did shoulder press. And when I looked at the time, I stil had 1.5 hours before my Body Combat class. So, I used 30 minutes walking on the treadmill and 1 hour to rest.

I'm pretty happy with my exercise today and feeling positive about my own motivational program.

Oh yeah, you must be curious what's this all 90 Days Motivational Program ? Well, people I'm going to UK next March for 2 weeks holiday. Yaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!! And I want to look stunning in all my pictures.

So, I have 90 days, which is the very sensible time length to see the outcome.
Wish me luck, peeps!

Cheap Entertainment

Need some good time? Just go to the gym, have a exercise!..Yeah..yeah...we've heard that for many many many times. Yes, I even have to drag myself to go there, going up on those machines for warming up or burning some calories. But in the end..I feel good about myself.

I don't go to the gym just for losing weight, it's something that can't be stopped. It becomes a habit. If I don't go for one week, I feel my body very heavy, lazy, bored, depressed and very lazy to move.

Again it's about giving a kick in the butt, don't let the lazy mood get over you. And you will find, exercise is the cheap entertainment, healer for body and soul. Why so? Imagine the amount you pay for clubbing or buy foods, then think about the impact to your body? It's just temporary. But, exercise? with the monthly fee you pay, you can go exercise any time you want. The result...healthy feeling, detoxicated, you'll sleep better and who knows you'll lose weight.

It's better to be healthy, faboulous, fit and less sad right ?