Cheap Entertainment

Need some good time? Just go to the gym, have a exercise!..Yeah..yeah...we've heard that for many many many times. Yes, I even have to drag myself to go there, going up on those machines for warming up or burning some calories. But in the end..I feel good about myself.

I don't go to the gym just for losing weight, it's something that can't be stopped. It becomes a habit. If I don't go for one week, I feel my body very heavy, lazy, bored, depressed and very lazy to move.

Again it's about giving a kick in the butt, don't let the lazy mood get over you. And you will find, exercise is the cheap entertainment, healer for body and soul. Why so? Imagine the amount you pay for clubbing or buy foods, then think about the impact to your body? It's just temporary. But, exercise? with the monthly fee you pay, you can go exercise any time you want. The result...healthy feeling, detoxicated, you'll sleep better and who knows you'll lose weight.

It's better to be healthy, faboulous, fit and less sad right ?

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