One Saturday To The Old Town That Once Called Batavia

Today's post is not about health but more to leisure after tiring work. We went to one of Jakarta's sightseeing Old City Batavia where you can see lots of Dutch heritages especially the buildings. All of us had great time and the pictures taken were 144 but I just put some.

Welcome to Batavia!!!

Ok..ladies listen! Here are our itineraries for today


In front of the museum

On the steps

It was great it's time to go home

It's Been A While Again

It's been a while again after my last post. Busy with school work as usual, many things going on. Glad it's at ease now, at least can breathe again and no more sleepless nights thingking about what to do.

I can workout in the gym now. Start the low carb diet, start jogging and start doing the routine workouts that I have left for couple of weeks. Over all, I'm happy that the issue passed smoothly.

Good night.....gotta work again students' performance, portfolio, semester exam and report...

New Saturday Morning Routine

This is what I can quote "When one door closes, the other door opens " breakdance instructor is very busy and cut some of his classes ( oh no!! ). So last week, I decided got up early just to go to the gym. What do you know, it was good!

It's been two Saturdays and I've been enjoying it so much. Enjoy the 30 minutes on ecliptical machine, weight training for 1 hour and relaxing with Body Balance.

Ahhhh...what a life.....