Common Faux Pas When You Exercise

Exercise looks very easy to do, you go to the gym to exercise, do weight training and join the aerobic classes. But how come you're still not getting the result you desire ?
Check out the common mistakes below and perhaps you've done the same thing.
  • Too eager,too excited and too soon : This usually happen to people who want to lose weight fast and looking for quick fix. They have the tendency to exercise frequently and excessively and they don't know their fitness level. It is important to find the right balance to ensure that your body gets necessary rest.
  • Improper Technique : Perfecting proper weight training techniques can be difficult. There are an infinite number of incorrect ways to complete the moves. Without proper guidance, it is easy to perform exercises incorrectly. This can easily lead to injuries.
  • Wrong Type of Workout : Where did you learn your exercise? Just watching from people? mouth to mouth?common myths? When I didn't see any result from my exercise, I decided to seek professional help and which was very helpful.
  • Not Eating Right : Diet and exercise are like the referee and his whistle it connects with each other. Many people are in denial about the foods they eat and especially the quantity consumed
  • Fixtating On The Scale : We often see our results just from the scale only, but you might want to change the way you think. Try to measure your success with your blood preassure, your increased endurance and your fitness level.

Gong Xi Fa Chai...another wishes..another blabbing

Another new year celebration, this time for Chinese New Year. I dont celebrate Chinese New Year though but it's public holiday here in Indonesia which give me another year to cherish.
No resolutions have been made but I do have wishes, perhaps not so important...but this is my blog..I'll write them anyway....
1. Nike outfit ( again...?) sorry guys..I have big fetish on Nike.
2. Live closer to my gym
3. Sipping my martini or ice tea at Loewy
4. Finding my soulmate *no more broken hearted please* hiks...hiks....
5. Book published
6. Body and hair treatment fee voucher
7. Famous fitness and health writer.
8. A place in Oakwood
Well I think that's all...for this time...GONG XI FA CHAI EVERYONE

Starting Low Carb Diet

When my trainer asked me to do low carb diet to lose weight, I was shocked and hesitated. To be honest I'm not a good dieter and wasn't ready to give up my favorite food.

So, as a newbie, I started to browse the net everything I need to know about low carb and let me share my tips as low carb dieter :

  • Don't go extreme : means don't totally eliminate the carbs from your diet, have healthy with high fibre for breakfast. In the beginning I only crossed carbs for dinner only and gradually reduced the carbs for lunch.

  • Educate yourself : find as many information about low carb and pick the one which suits you best.

  • Get support : be with positive people since you are changing you life style.

  • Go for protein and good fat

  • Last but not least...exercise!!

I've been a low carb dieter for one year but the flexible one even when the time my goal was to lose weight.

Don't Stop Me Now!!! *sing with me people*

Eventhough there is something grief at this moment and my mind quite occupied by it, I still go to the gym, still eating the right food and definetely still looking good! Believe me..and I'm working on upgrading myself.

Anyway...when I was packing for gym I thought of this song by Queen without waiting I logged on Imeem and keep listening and singing this song the whole day as I was doing my gym matter of fact I'm listening to this song while I'm writing to keep me energized!

Open your YouTube or Imeem and sing with me (lyrics below ) and let's bring out the legendary Queen with "Don't Stop Me Now"

Im a shooting star leaping through the sky

Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity

Im a racing car passing by like lady godiva

Im gonna go go go

Theres no stopping me.........................

Becoming "Alia Balboa" :)

Anyone remember the legendary Rocky Balboa? I might follow his path, not become the boxer but copy his training.
Last week, the gym gave me the opportunity to join the introduction training ( for free and it supposed to be for personal trainers in upper level ) of kickboxing. It was like love at first sight and couldn't stop thinking about it.

For short, I made negotiation with the gym and it went well ( kinda ruin my financial plan ). So guys, within few months this chick will have kickboxing certificate in her pocket and I might write about kickboxing to kick your exercise.

It won't be easy training though...

Love Is In The Air - Valentine Fitness Challenge

Still looking around what to motivate going to the gym, go have a look to your calendar and yes..there's Valentine's day! You have approximately 6 weeks to challenge yourself. Of course I'm not encouraging you to lose weight drastically, let's set up a goal that you will lose weight at least and maximum 1kg/week.

First thing you have to do is make your own workout plan. You can copy mine below or you can modify according to your needs or fitness level. The best part is make your own workout plan as cute or just design as you want it. Since it's Valentine..why not put cute little hearts and with many pinks?

Secondly, make your own photo of before and after. Thirdly, keep track of your waist measurement instead of your weight. Fourthly, reward yourself by body treatment not with food.

Just for a reminder, if don't have a date by Valentine's day at least you boost your fitness level and confidence. If Valentine is about love then let's celebrate Valentine by loving your body and health. Good luck with the challenge!

I Believe I Can Chest Fly

Chest fly is another way to work your pectoral muscle, this is one of my favorite chest exercises. Chest fly make a nice complement of push up and chest press. In order to avoid hurting your shoulder is you'll need lighter weight to do this exercise. Also take care when lowering your arms.

Since my I like to challenge my core, I prefer to use exercise ball instead of bench. But if you think your core is not strong enough, you may use the bench or step.

A. The starting position is lie on the ball with your upper back and head supported by the ball. Grasp dumbbells in both hands by facing to each other.
B. Keep slight bend in elbows and stretch dumbbells out to side.
C. Slowly return to starting position ( A ).

Finding Motivation

How many people in this world who are so eager to lose weight but just within few weeks, you'll hear the same lame excuse again, "I easily get bored", "I don't have time" or simply just being lazy. Your motivation just disappear in thin air. You feel frustrated and find yourself in the old routine.
If you are a beginning to exercise person, then finding the right motivation at the right time can be critical to your success. You might get motivated when you want to lose weight to have the bikini body. Whatever the reasons for starting exercise, congratulation on just starting.

Now, the hardest part is to continue to exercise. The key is to keep in mind what is work for you. You must find your own motivation, deep inside yourself. I can yanking or blabbing about the importance of exercise but if the motivation doesn't come to you, then nothing will work.

In my opinion, exercise motivation is unique for each person.

PS : This post is inspired by Lance's Sunday Thought for The Day : "The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others, it is in yourself alone."-Orison Sweet Marden--

I think the quote above can be applied when you need exercise motivation when you need it most.

January 1, 2009

The first day of 2009...I started with birthday lunch with friends from gym, then followed with Spanish Rythm class...It was soooo FUN, we couldn't stop laughing and exciting. None of the people came out from aerobic studio with along face. However, I couldn't upload the video of the class, even the pictures are bad. It would be more than happy I'm and while I'm writing this post, I'm watching the video.

Oh yes, one of wishes on my previous post came true, which is light weight laptop.

Well, I had so much fun and I'm happy that year 2009 is started with a smile and I hope it will continue that way.