Common Faux Pas When You Exercise

Exercise looks very easy to do, you go to the gym to exercise, do weight training and join the aerobic classes. But how come you're still not getting the result you desire ?
Check out the common mistakes below and perhaps you've done the same thing.
  • Too eager,too excited and too soon : This usually happen to people who want to lose weight fast and looking for quick fix. They have the tendency to exercise frequently and excessively and they don't know their fitness level. It is important to find the right balance to ensure that your body gets necessary rest.
  • Improper Technique : Perfecting proper weight training techniques can be difficult. There are an infinite number of incorrect ways to complete the moves. Without proper guidance, it is easy to perform exercises incorrectly. This can easily lead to injuries.
  • Wrong Type of Workout : Where did you learn your exercise? Just watching from people? mouth to mouth?common myths? When I didn't see any result from my exercise, I decided to seek professional help and which was very helpful.
  • Not Eating Right : Diet and exercise are like the referee and his whistle it connects with each other. Many people are in denial about the foods they eat and especially the quantity consumed
  • Fixtating On The Scale : We often see our results just from the scale only, but you might want to change the way you think. Try to measure your success with your blood preassure, your increased endurance and your fitness level.

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