Don't Stop Me Now!!! *sing with me people*

Eventhough there is something grief at this moment and my mind quite occupied by it, I still go to the gym, still eating the right food and definetely still looking good! Believe me..and I'm working on upgrading myself.

Anyway...when I was packing for gym I thought of this song by Queen without waiting I logged on Imeem and keep listening and singing this song the whole day as I was doing my gym matter of fact I'm listening to this song while I'm writing to keep me energized!

Open your YouTube or Imeem and sing with me (lyrics below ) and let's bring out the legendary Queen with "Don't Stop Me Now"

Im a shooting star leaping through the sky

Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity

Im a racing car passing by like lady godiva

Im gonna go go go

Theres no stopping me.........................


Audra Krell said...

I love that your blog is about losing weight the right way. I really admire that in spite of grieving, you are wiling and ready to do the next right thing. Very inspiring. I found you through your comment on Lance's blog. Have a great week!

Lance said...

Hi Alia,
Great attitude! There is no stopping you - keep at it, my friend. You are doing awesome!