Love Is In The Air - Valentine Fitness Challenge

Still looking around what to motivate going to the gym, go have a look to your calendar and yes..there's Valentine's day! You have approximately 6 weeks to challenge yourself. Of course I'm not encouraging you to lose weight drastically, let's set up a goal that you will lose weight at least and maximum 1kg/week.

First thing you have to do is make your own workout plan. You can copy mine below or you can modify according to your needs or fitness level. The best part is make your own workout plan as cute or just design as you want it. Since it's Valentine..why not put cute little hearts and with many pinks?

Secondly, make your own photo of before and after. Thirdly, keep track of your waist measurement instead of your weight. Fourthly, reward yourself by body treatment not with food.

Just for a reminder, if don't have a date by Valentine's day at least you boost your fitness level and confidence. If Valentine is about love then let's celebrate Valentine by loving your body and health. Good luck with the challenge!

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Hugo said...

Hey Alia,

Just wanted to say that that is great advice. More people should pick out dates that are about 6 weeks apart to help them go from goal to goal. Also really good advice about the measurements, the less people use scales the better :)

Keep up the good work