Starting Low Carb Diet

When my trainer asked me to do low carb diet to lose weight, I was shocked and hesitated. To be honest I'm not a good dieter and wasn't ready to give up my favorite food.

So, as a newbie, I started to browse the net everything I need to know about low carb and let me share my tips as low carb dieter :

  • Don't go extreme : means don't totally eliminate the carbs from your diet, have healthy with high fibre for breakfast. In the beginning I only crossed carbs for dinner only and gradually reduced the carbs for lunch.

  • Educate yourself : find as many information about low carb and pick the one which suits you best.

  • Get support : be with positive people since you are changing you life style.

  • Go for protein and good fat

  • Last but not least...exercise!!

I've been a low carb dieter for one year but the flexible one even when the time my goal was to lose weight.


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