Bring The Sexy Back

The muscles in the back are some of the largest in the body. They provide the support and protection that your spine needs as you go through daily life. There are some muscles in the back that are a part of your core muscles that will help you to be strong and coordinated. When you develop your back muscles, you will be getting a very sexy look while you make you are making yourself stronger.

Many alternatives available to train your back, but these two are my favorite and the most I often do :



This Is Me..Outside Gym Life and Teaching Life

The Bday girl and her lovely,beautiful and fit muse*hihihih*

While waiting for our lunches

It's been another two weeks I haven't written anything in my blog. Very busy with work, looks that my writing ideas sucked into making lesson plans, parents teacher interview,school production and personal life.

Anyway...last week, I went to my friend's birthday lunch. She is my fellow writer and colleague. This week, due to my lack of inspiration just sharing the pictures...the other part of me as gym junkie. BTW thanks to Mira for her wonderful birthday. Love the restaurant darl....very cosy and warm

My eating,drinking,shopping,colleague BFF

Drunken Masters

Books are our friend*lol*.....two lovely writers

After a nice and hearty lunch

To Diet For

When you hear the word diet, what comes in your mind? How would you define a diet ?
Before, my definition of diet was skipping meals, restricted food intake and any effort to lose weight.

I met a girl last night in a gathering, she's been smoking and skipping meal just to lose weight. She said it was her diet. I wanted to be preachy about it, but it's her decision..just feel pitty.

Diet for me now is feeding your body with right nutrients in order to make myself healthier. Not just number on the scale or doing a yo yo diet.

A diet should be not a quick fix to reach your so called ideal weight but it should be a change of lifestyle, a change of to healthy eating habit.

Becoming Alia Balboa : part 2

*kickboxing face* hihihhii..too cute not so fierce
*front kick*

Just sharing some of my pics during my kickboxing , they are quite blurry but next time I hope better...

*getting ready for front kick*


A looking back over my shoulder of my weight loss drama. I never thought losing weight could be so much drama. But do you feel the same?
Do you feel when something bad hit you and nothing you want to do beside eat fatty food and feel sorry for yourself? Moi..Been there...

Don't you think my weight loss now came easy..I had my ups and downs. I had frustration with my diet, when the scale wouldn't go to the left. When I had break up, when I things just didnt right.

Whether you realize it or not, dieting and weight loss somehow has effect on you psychologically. That's my personal opinion after everything I've been through.

It's all about mindset and yourself. The success of diet and weight loss not because of top personal trainer and top nutrionist. But it's in you.

YOU ARE THE KEY! are the one who determine your own success. When you lose the spirit nothing you can do beside whip yourself to go back on track. I know it's hard, especially if you are grieving but just do it.

It's happenning to me now. I'm having a painful broken heart and boy how I want to eat all those fatty food! Well I did though, but still in manageable portion and today I just got back from gym instead of feeling sorry for myself.

By the way, a little tip...if you just broke up...join boxing class, trust me you will feel a lot better. Today I had body combat class and I thought of his face during punching and know what...IT FELT GOOD!!!

So, again...the success is within YOU!