This Is Me..Outside Gym Life and Teaching Life

The Bday girl and her lovely,beautiful and fit muse*hihihih*

While waiting for our lunches

It's been another two weeks I haven't written anything in my blog. Very busy with work, looks that my writing ideas sucked into making lesson plans, parents teacher interview,school production and personal life.

Anyway...last week, I went to my friend's birthday lunch. She is my fellow writer and colleague. This week, due to my lack of inspiration just sharing the pictures...the other part of me as gym junkie. BTW thanks to Mira for her wonderful birthday. Love the restaurant darl....very cosy and warm

My eating,drinking,shopping,colleague BFF

Drunken Masters

Books are our friend*lol*.....two lovely writers

After a nice and hearty lunch


Lance said...

I love the pictures Alia - thanks for sharing them!

amiranti said...

I didn't know that u posted this one, al. Sweet :)