Chest press with dumbbell

One of many varieties to work on your chest. This is the easiest chest press just using dumbbell. Lie on a bench, retract scapula muscle and always lock your core

cable kickback

Advance option for cable kickback.

cable kickback with ball

This is my favorite exercise to shape up my glutes (buttocks ). To challenge yourself and to benefit the core, you may not use the ball. Start with push up position, lock your core and start kicking your foot to the back. Another option is, put a plate on your hamstring.
PS: dont forget to switch with other leg.

Gym Diva

Gym might not a place for fashion show but hey, there's nothing wrong looking good and fabulous in the gym. Beside when you look you feel good and make you feel more motivated to exercise and being fit. For single ladies you dont know whom you might bump into..gym these days is great place to meet new people while you stay healthy.

Wearing comfortable outfit will be a great help. Invest some gym outfits from good brands such as Nike,Adidas or Reebok. My choice would go to Nike as it has fashionably gym outfit to keep you from over sweating and comes with big sizes. Stop raiding your boyfriend's or your husband's clothes. Over sized clothes unable you to move freely and it's a fashion faux pas.
Choose styles that show your best assets.

Secondly, you have to smell good. Nobody will go near you when you have bad odor when you are sweating. You dont need expensive perfume, just simple deodorant spray.

Being a diva doesn't mean putting on heavy make up. Make up contains chemical ingredients, when it mixes with the sweat you won't be happy with the result. Before you start exercise, it's better if you clean your face and put little moisturizer.

Shoes are another important item for looking good. Make sure you are comfortable with the shoes you are wearing. Another thing..keep them clean!

Choosing the right gym

Many people think gym is gym, there is no difference between the gym around the corner and the gym in the malls. However, according to my experience finding the right gym for myself, I notice that gym is like lot of people, each has personalities. Too many people make decision to join a gym, fitness center or health club without giving proper consideration.

Before you enroll to a gym, here are some things that you might want to think about :
  • Determine your goal : What you want to achieve by joining a gym? you want to do more aerobics or just build muscle? Set a goal for your fitness, it helps you to narrow down your decision.
  • Hours : When do you plan to workout ? Is the prospective gym open and how busy it is at that time
  • Equipment : Equipment plays important role if your goal is to build muscle. Check if your prospective gym has the free weight equipment? does it has proper machines for your exercises?
  • Cleanliness : Assess the cleanliness of the gym , the locker rooms and equipment. Frequenting a gym that doesn't provide a clean healthy environment is counter productive.
  • Staff Visit with the staff. Make sure they are readily available and able to answer your fitness questions . If interested, inquire about personal trainers or special classes. Ask if the instructors are certified by a professional fitness organization.
  • Price : You'll need a gym that fits your budget. So set a price limit and stay in that range. Be sure to ask about contract requirements. Find out about the payment plans.
  • Location : Is it accessible? Is it far from your work or house ?
  • Free trial : Some gyms offer free trial as marketing strategy, take the advantage of it. See if you like the gym and fits your needs.

I found the right gym for my own where I can do all 3 different exercises and it has equipments with a good price. Celebrity Fitness that is.

Happy Gym Hunting

Inspirational Diet Quotes

I love these diet quotes, very good to keep you stay positive.
  • Simple diet is best--for many dishes bring many diseases; and rich sauces are worse than even heaping several meats upon each other.
  • Let good digestion wait on appetite and health on both.
    William Shakespeare
  • Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork. -English Proverb-
  • Rich, fatty foods are like destiny: they too, shape our ends. ~Author Unknown
  • Don't go out of your weigh to please anyone but yourself. ~Author Unknown
  • The heart, like the stomach, wants a varied diet.
    Gustave Flaubert

Tips to Burn Fat

Burning fat does not necessarily mean you spend hours of aerobic classes. Here are some effective ways :
  • Build Muscle : The more muscle mass you have, the more it burns fat even when you are sleeping or just being lazy on the couch.
  • Do not eat within 3 hours of going to sleep: It is better to go to sleep with an empty stomach than full stomach. That way your body will not have to digest the food overnight.
  • Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits everyday
  • Eat nuts : They can be walnut,peanut,almond. Nuts contain good protein and they do have fat and calories. Trust me they are the good ones.
  • Eat foods in high fiber : This sounds boring because foods rich in fiber usually opposite than we pig in. Fiber keeps your digestive system clean and lean.
  • Avoid fast food : Fast food without exception is loaded with more calories and more fat. If you have to eat outside, be absolutely sure to control your portion size.
  • Never go hungry : You might think the best way to lose weight is starve yourself. You do that, you are confusing your metabolism system. The worst time to eat is when you are hungry. When you are hungry the impulse to eat wrong foods is higher.

Ideal Weight

How many people around you dream of achieving their "ideal weight"? According to research 85% women are not satisfied with their weight and 50% men are not satisfied with their weight.
Generally, we get ideas about what we should wear, what we should look like and how much we should weigh from the media. We have been conditioned to think that "thin is beautiful" and some of us go even further and think that "thinner is more beautiful".

There are some factors count :
  • Your weight is partially defined genectically. Have look at your parents. What do their bodies look like. Yours probably similar.
  • Bone structure or frame size is important. The ideal weight for two people of the same height but with different frames will be different.
  • Body composition varies between individuals. Did you know that muscle tissue is more dense than fat ? Because of this, two people may weigh the same, but one is clearly chubby while the others look lean.
  • Nature made it so that women are rounder than men. The female body and its hormones can't function properly if there is not enough fat in the body.

There's no such thing as an "ideal weight" for anybody.
Instead, we should focus on developing a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and plenty of physical activity. Our weight will then naturally find its healthy and correct level.

8 Diet Boosters

You have tried different diets, skipping breakfast and dinner, tossed away the cookies and chips from your kitchen. You remove ice cream from your shopping list and losing weight was not your first time New Year's resolution. You are energized in the first or two weeks and then your motivation begins to fade. Start to feel bored of what you eat.

Losing weight doesn't involve strict diet. It is a slow process to make it irrevocable. With the right psychological tools, your chances to reach ideal weight will exceedingly improved.

Booster 1 : Establish sensible goals

When you start diet and you set unattainable goal e.g lose 10kg in 2 weeks, you are most likely to fail. By setting small goal will give you more confidence to continue. You will be more focused on your health and change your eating habit.

Booster 2 : Take it slow

Losing weight does not happen overnight. It involves changing your lifestyles. Cut your calorie intake day by day not on the first day you start diet. You won't realize it and the weight will come off and stay off.

Booster 3 : Be prepared for obstruction
During your diet, you are bound to temptation. For example : you have eaten 2 oreos, and you think to yourself "I have already blown it so I might as well eat the entire pack"

Booster 4 : Nobody's perfect
You just had ice cream, suddenly you decide to give up because you think your diet is not perfect. You perceive it as a failure. When you slip up, forget about it, tomorrow is the new day and better day.

Booster 5 : Get a buddy
Finding a buddy who has the same goal as yours, will give you moral boost for your diet. When your spirit flag. You have someone to call on and provide the support you need.

Booster 6 : Be patient
You've been doing everything right, exercising and eating well , but the number in the scale is dropping steadily. Then suddenly...nothing happen. The scale stays stuck for several days in the row. This is natural weight loss process, you should congralate yourself on the diet you've had so far. You may want to try something new to jump start your diet.

Booster 7 : Give yourself reward
Dieting is a hard work and not always fun. Give yourself reward as inducement to keep your diet going. But always bear in mind not to reward yourself with food. Go to spa or buy new clothes ( hey you have lose weight, you have excuse to buy new one ! )

Booster 8 : Have continuation plan
For many people losing weight is easier than maintaining the ideal weight. It is vital to remember that losing weight is not one time project but lasting goal. If failed in the past, set up a continuation plan ahead of time.

Weight loss pill

For many women who want to lose weight, the temptation to consume weight loss pill is often irresistible. Especially if you see the advertisements, most of them claimed to be the fastest way to lose weight. The circulation of the diet pills is probably growing very fast. You may easily find them in supermarket, drugstore, and health food store.

So diet pills really works? The answer is yes and no. If you take the diet pills as directed and take regular exercises. The answer is yes. The effect, however only for short term since the body can adjust remarkably quickly to many diet pills. If the pills are not used with proper exercise and diet , they are not likely effective. Some pills may even disrupt your system and causing weight gain.

Most diet drugs companies are trying new formula to overcome the problem of overweight and obesity. These days they are producing diet pill that work on the brain to suppress the appetite.
Consuming this kind of pill might cause you several downsides include; raised blood pressure, chest pain, hair loss and even depression.

What about herbal diet pills? Are they healthier and safer ?Any diet pill that you find the words "Natural" ,"Herbal" or similar are not necessary healthier and safer than other any diet pills.

If somehow you decide to take weight loss pill, stick to these fundamentals :
  • Use diet pills as directed and suggested
  • Perform regular exercise and diet
  • If side effect occurred or worsen see doctor immediately
  • When the diet pills stop working, it is time to stop taking them.

The Right Diet for You

What is the right diet for you?
There is no the right diet for everyone. You have to ask yourself will this diet be practical and easy to follow. You also need to find a diet that fits for your needs and make sure that your diet has all the source of nutrients for good health.

When you are on diet, what is the limit of your calorie level? Most weight loss diets allow 1000-1500 calories intake. The number of calories that is right for you depends on your weight and activity level. The selected calorie level,however, may not produce the recommended rate of weight loss, and you may need to eat more or less.

So, what should you do before you choose the right diet?

  • Find as many as information you need : Browse the internet or read several books about the diet you are going to choose. It is important to know whats not and whats allowed.
  • Be rational : Red flag should be raised when you find any diet that restrict whole food group.
  • Check your kitchen : seems like odd question. But think this way, if you choose a diet that allow you only have microwaved food and you don't have microwave in your kitchen.
  • Life after diet : Diet is to improve your eating habit and it has to be done continuously. Will you able to make your diet as part of your life?
  • Do not trust diets that promise fast weight loss without any effort.

Exercise for Beginners

You have made up you mind, it's time to exercise. Give yourself pat on the back because you've taken the first action to improve your mind and body. There's no doubt that exercise has benefits to lose weight, prevent depression, helps with arthritis. Exercise contributes you to make slim and toned.

It is like diet, you need to keep going if you wish to obtain benefits. This doesn't mean you have to literally spend hours extensively in the gym. You can get all the benefits of exercise from many types and levels.

You have numerous exercise to choose, including walking, running, biking, hiking, dancing, gardening, even when you do house chores. It is essential if you choose physical activity which you really enjoy. Therefore, you can easily turn into habit.

Are you ready to start? The first step is you have to evaluate how fit you are for chosen physical activity. You may consult with your doctor before you start. Especially if you have major health risk.

The second step before you start fitness routine, do warm up and little stretching. Once you have warmed up, you can do three types of exercises; cardiovascular activity, weight training or flexibility training. All these three activities don't have to be done in one day, instead do each in regular basis. This will give you balanced fitness.

Another step is, if you want to carry out certain exercises, do consider to hire a personal trainer or take advantage of free sessions that offered by the gym when you join.