The Right Diet for You

What is the right diet for you?
There is no the right diet for everyone. You have to ask yourself will this diet be practical and easy to follow. You also need to find a diet that fits for your needs and make sure that your diet has all the source of nutrients for good health.

When you are on diet, what is the limit of your calorie level? Most weight loss diets allow 1000-1500 calories intake. The number of calories that is right for you depends on your weight and activity level. The selected calorie level,however, may not produce the recommended rate of weight loss, and you may need to eat more or less.

So, what should you do before you choose the right diet?

  • Find as many as information you need : Browse the internet or read several books about the diet you are going to choose. It is important to know whats not and whats allowed.
  • Be rational : Red flag should be raised when you find any diet that restrict whole food group.
  • Check your kitchen : seems like odd question. But think this way, if you choose a diet that allow you only have microwaved food and you don't have microwave in your kitchen.
  • Life after diet : Diet is to improve your eating habit and it has to be done continuously. Will you able to make your diet as part of your life?
  • Do not trust diets that promise fast weight loss without any effort.


Astra Aswinanda said...
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Astra Aswinanda said...

hi, thanks for your insights.

I reduced carbs,salt & sugar a month after gave birth of my second child. I did house chores & walking around the neighbourhood in the early morning or afternoon as exercise. Within 2 months I managed to have weight before the pregnancy.