Choosing the right gym

Many people think gym is gym, there is no difference between the gym around the corner and the gym in the malls. However, according to my experience finding the right gym for myself, I notice that gym is like lot of people, each has personalities. Too many people make decision to join a gym, fitness center or health club without giving proper consideration.

Before you enroll to a gym, here are some things that you might want to think about :
  • Determine your goal : What you want to achieve by joining a gym? you want to do more aerobics or just build muscle? Set a goal for your fitness, it helps you to narrow down your decision.
  • Hours : When do you plan to workout ? Is the prospective gym open and how busy it is at that time
  • Equipment : Equipment plays important role if your goal is to build muscle. Check if your prospective gym has the free weight equipment? does it has proper machines for your exercises?
  • Cleanliness : Assess the cleanliness of the gym , the locker rooms and equipment. Frequenting a gym that doesn't provide a clean healthy environment is counter productive.
  • Staff Visit with the staff. Make sure they are readily available and able to answer your fitness questions . If interested, inquire about personal trainers or special classes. Ask if the instructors are certified by a professional fitness organization.
  • Price : You'll need a gym that fits your budget. So set a price limit and stay in that range. Be sure to ask about contract requirements. Find out about the payment plans.
  • Location : Is it accessible? Is it far from your work or house ?
  • Free trial : Some gyms offer free trial as marketing strategy, take the advantage of it. See if you like the gym and fits your needs.

I found the right gym for my own where I can do all 3 different exercises and it has equipments with a good price. Celebrity Fitness that is.

Happy Gym Hunting

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