Tips to Burn Fat

Burning fat does not necessarily mean you spend hours of aerobic classes. Here are some effective ways :
  • Build Muscle : The more muscle mass you have, the more it burns fat even when you are sleeping or just being lazy on the couch.
  • Do not eat within 3 hours of going to sleep: It is better to go to sleep with an empty stomach than full stomach. That way your body will not have to digest the food overnight.
  • Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits everyday
  • Eat nuts : They can be walnut,peanut,almond. Nuts contain good protein and they do have fat and calories. Trust me they are the good ones.
  • Eat foods in high fiber : This sounds boring because foods rich in fiber usually opposite than we pig in. Fiber keeps your digestive system clean and lean.
  • Avoid fast food : Fast food without exception is loaded with more calories and more fat. If you have to eat outside, be absolutely sure to control your portion size.
  • Never go hungry : You might think the best way to lose weight is starve yourself. You do that, you are confusing your metabolism system. The worst time to eat is when you are hungry. When you are hungry the impulse to eat wrong foods is higher.

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