Gym Diva

Gym might not a place for fashion show but hey, there's nothing wrong looking good and fabulous in the gym. Beside when you look you feel good and make you feel more motivated to exercise and being fit. For single ladies you dont know whom you might bump into..gym these days is great place to meet new people while you stay healthy.

Wearing comfortable outfit will be a great help. Invest some gym outfits from good brands such as Nike,Adidas or Reebok. My choice would go to Nike as it has fashionably gym outfit to keep you from over sweating and comes with big sizes. Stop raiding your boyfriend's or your husband's clothes. Over sized clothes unable you to move freely and it's a fashion faux pas.
Choose styles that show your best assets.

Secondly, you have to smell good. Nobody will go near you when you have bad odor when you are sweating. You dont need expensive perfume, just simple deodorant spray.

Being a diva doesn't mean putting on heavy make up. Make up contains chemical ingredients, when it mixes with the sweat you won't be happy with the result. Before you start exercise, it's better if you clean your face and put little moisturizer.

Shoes are another important item for looking good. Make sure you are comfortable with the shoes you are wearing. Another thing..keep them clean!

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nyonya laila ubais said...

wah lia...bener2 banget tuh...saya juga seneng rapi jali di tempat fitnes...dan semua matching dari ujung kepala sampe celana...trus pake wewangian...malu yah...klo sebelahan sama org kan gak enak..hihiihi....saya jg mau ah jadi gym diva...:P