8 Diet Boosters

You have tried different diets, skipping breakfast and dinner, tossed away the cookies and chips from your kitchen. You remove ice cream from your shopping list and losing weight was not your first time New Year's resolution. You are energized in the first or two weeks and then your motivation begins to fade. Start to feel bored of what you eat.

Losing weight doesn't involve strict diet. It is a slow process to make it irrevocable. With the right psychological tools, your chances to reach ideal weight will exceedingly improved.

Booster 1 : Establish sensible goals

When you start diet and you set unattainable goal e.g lose 10kg in 2 weeks, you are most likely to fail. By setting small goal will give you more confidence to continue. You will be more focused on your health and change your eating habit.

Booster 2 : Take it slow

Losing weight does not happen overnight. It involves changing your lifestyles. Cut your calorie intake day by day not on the first day you start diet. You won't realize it and the weight will come off and stay off.

Booster 3 : Be prepared for obstruction
During your diet, you are bound to temptation. For example : you have eaten 2 oreos, and you think to yourself "I have already blown it so I might as well eat the entire pack"

Booster 4 : Nobody's perfect
You just had ice cream, suddenly you decide to give up because you think your diet is not perfect. You perceive it as a failure. When you slip up, forget about it, tomorrow is the new day and better day.

Booster 5 : Get a buddy
Finding a buddy who has the same goal as yours, will give you moral boost for your diet. When your spirit flag. You have someone to call on and provide the support you need.

Booster 6 : Be patient
You've been doing everything right, exercising and eating well , but the number in the scale is dropping steadily. Then suddenly...nothing happen. The scale stays stuck for several days in the row. This is natural weight loss process, you should congralate yourself on the diet you've had so far. You may want to try something new to jump start your diet.

Booster 7 : Give yourself reward
Dieting is a hard work and not always fun. Give yourself reward as inducement to keep your diet going. But always bear in mind not to reward yourself with food. Go to spa or buy new clothes ( hey you have lose weight, you have excuse to buy new one ! )

Booster 8 : Have continuation plan
For many people losing weight is easier than maintaining the ideal weight. It is vital to remember that losing weight is not one time project but lasting goal. If failed in the past, set up a continuation plan ahead of time.

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Blair said...

Alia, your advice is excellent. I have seen so many people fall for the traps that you mention. It all comes down to setting sensible goals and having some will power to see it through.