To Diet For

When you hear the word diet, what comes in your mind? How would you define a diet ?
Before, my definition of diet was skipping meals, restricted food intake and any effort to lose weight.

I met a girl last night in a gathering, she's been smoking and skipping meal just to lose weight. She said it was her diet. I wanted to be preachy about it, but it's her decision..just feel pitty.

Diet for me now is feeding your body with right nutrients in order to make myself healthier. Not just number on the scale or doing a yo yo diet.

A diet should be not a quick fix to reach your so called ideal weight but it should be a change of lifestyle, a change of to healthy eating habit.


Captain Smack said...

"When you hear the word diet, what comes in your mind? How would you define a diet?"

For me, a diet is something chicks do. Especially if those chicks are my mom and my sister. I swear to god, that's about 45% of all they ever talk about. Another 45% of the time they talk about food and great restaurants. With the remaining 10%, they talk about politics, family matters, and whatever's left over.

I assume that's normal.

Lance said...

Hi Alia,
I don't look at "diet" in terms of food restriction, or some "fad" eating plan. Instead, I see diet as in what we feed our body. That can be good food, bad food, or something in between. For me, my diet is my meals. I don't see it as inherently good or bad - it just is. I can choose to make my diet be good - by eating foods that are good for me. Does that make sense?

Suddenly slimmer said...

Captain Smack : is women's talk. We love talking about diet and they still puzzle what exactly diet is.
Lance : In here people define diet as a quick fix not a long term goal.