Becoming "Alia Balboa" :)

Anyone remember the legendary Rocky Balboa? I might follow his path, not become the boxer but copy his training.
Last week, the gym gave me the opportunity to join the introduction training ( for free and it supposed to be for personal trainers in upper level ) of kickboxing. It was like love at first sight and couldn't stop thinking about it.

For short, I made negotiation with the gym and it went well ( kinda ruin my financial plan ). So guys, within few months this chick will have kickboxing certificate in her pocket and I might write about kickboxing to kick your exercise.

It won't be easy training though...


Lance said...

Woo-hoo, go get 'em Alia! You can do it!!

Jannie said...

Wow, you seem in such great shape indeed!

I followed you here from Lance's blog.