Gong Xi Fa Chai...another wishes..another blabbing

Another new year celebration, this time for Chinese New Year. I dont celebrate Chinese New Year though but it's public holiday here in Indonesia which give me another year to cherish.
No resolutions have been made but I do have wishes, perhaps not so important...but this is my blog..I'll write them anyway....
1. Nike outfit ( again...?) sorry guys..I have big fetish on Nike.
2. Live closer to my gym
3. Sipping my martini or ice tea at Loewy
4. Finding my soulmate *no more broken hearted please* hiks...hiks....
5. Book published
6. Body and hair treatment fee voucher
7. Famous fitness and health writer.
8. A place in Oakwood
Well I think that's all...for this time...GONG XI FA CHAI EVERYONE

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