The Greatest Wealth

How do you measure your wealth? By diamonds and gold ? Money in the bank? Some people call happiness is the wealth.

For me health is my wealth. You might want to argue with being happy. This is my argument; can you find happiness if you are not healthy? Think a lot of things you can do when you are healthy and think again if you got cancer, what can you do? Mind cancer, how about just cold?

Can you enjoy your life? Can you feel the sun? Can you reach your goals?

If you are healthy, means you are happy. Why? In order to achieve healthy life are exercise, balanced diet and enough rest. When you exercise your body produces endorphine, a natural morphine. Eating the right food, you are putting natural vitamins, natural immune system and detoxicating your body. When you get enough rest, you feel relaxed and recharged.

If you are healthy, you will be able to attain your dreams, you will be able to pass all the troubles in life means you will be happy.

Even we have all the money in the world, but if we just able to lie down in bed with nothing to do. Will you be able to enjoy your wealth? Take vacation, eat fancy food or just shopping ? If you are sick, don't you think your money just goes to the doctor, hospital fee, medicines etc?

We often forget to value health as our investment to live our life. Instead we often torturing our body with toxic. Remember sickness comes because our own fault, we invite the virus or the bacteria to ourselves instead building a fort for our body.

It's never wrong to enjoy life while you are young, but it is always right to enjoy your life in healthy way.

So be healthy and be wealthy..


sema said...

great post!
health is very important to concentrate on your daily tasks and to enjoy the beauty of life.

Vikum said...

Hi Alia,
I agree with you.If we are not healthy how can we can we find happiness.And we have to do exercises and keep fit because a healthy mind is only can be found in a healthy body.
Thanks for reminding the value of health.