Cupcakes : Not Good As It Looks

Cupcakes are everywhere these days. From birthdays to just a thank you symbol. I got some cupcakes as christmas gifts, my students gave away cupcakes as goodie bag.

Cupcakes come in different decorations, relatively inexpensive and many of them are so pretty and cute that it is a shame if you eat it. Here, I found some facts which might stop you to eat them :

1. A cupcake is equivalent to 3 slices of pizza ( ouch )
2. In general, one cupcake consists of 25o calories
3. A cupcake is high in sugar and high in carbs ( do you know what it means right ?)
4. Since a cupcake is high in sugar, so I can assume that a cupcake is nothing but an empty calorie.
Well,I hope the 4 facts above might give a second or third though to consume them. If you fancy to have cupcake/s,it would be wise to exercise in the next day ^-^

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