I'm Hitting Plateau!!!!!!!

This is bad...really bad..I'm hitting a plateau. My motivation to go to gym just evaporated,vanished in thin air. Gym seems not a best place for me now. I want to complain..I'm bored with exercise. I need something different. One whole week without gym still didn't make me miss the gym.

I do try to look whats the problem though and what I figured out are work; I get up at 4.30AM to avoid traffic, spend too much time on the road. Takes about 1hour 45 minutes from home to work. I have no maid, I lack of sleep, dancing classes have been reduced and no cute guys in the gym *sob*...last time I had a crush in the gym few days later I saw him bought a ring..noooo....*another sob*

Please help me recover from hitting this plateau!

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sian aka gogo girl said...

I know the feeling-I have hay fever right now and the last thing I want to do is gym around at the gym-love your blog