Becoming Alia Balboa : Done Chasing Pavements

Today, I actually had the great ever opportunity to practice my kickboxing lesson with the actual person. The person whom his face that I had always thought as my punchbag. Why I didn't do it?First thing was just be calm and second thought... I could get arrested for attacking someone and that's not good.

Well anyway, I'm glad I didn't. There will be more kickboxing lessons coming, have more energy to let out all the anger, sadness and hatred. However, as much I wanted to think about his face while doing the punching and kicking. Somehow it didnt come out. I have accepted the pain and let go the hate. No matter it hurts and no matter how my heart is boiling with anger, I hope to be forgiving.

For the ladies out there : the best revenge when somebody hurt you is just go to the gym, get yourself healthy and stay in shape. That's I'm doing even there's still feeling for him, missing him etc just hit the gym!
Beside it's more fun being healthy and in shape bitch than one angry bitch with a vengeance.

Oh more : as much I want to buy more and more Nike outfits and go shopping as justification to cheer myself..I decided to cut my credit card off. That's another THE HARDEST THING TO DO! Way hardest than let go my ex.

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