Diet with Patience

Our patience will achieve more than our force
-Edmund Burke-

For almost couple of weeks, I've been taught the art of patience, including about food. I'm a woman with huge apetite of eating. I'm also an emotional eater. As for this year, I made a promise to myself that my fasting should be better than last year.
So far, I have lost 2 days of fasting due to my bad sore throat. However, I learn really valuable things. I thought I could never live during this fasting month. I thought I would fail again. More temptations to just swallow those food.

But you know, as time to break the fasting comes, all those foods who seem calling me to eat taste ordinary. And I'm telling to myself "Hey..that wasn't so bad after all".

It takes a courage to be patient in dieting. Patience to wait for the result. Patience to resist all the temptations ( fatty food, deep fried etc ). We may fall during our patience, and when you fall you don't stay on the ground but get up and find that patience within you. If it applies in everyday living then it should apply in dieting as well.

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