Confessions of A Nikeholic

Some confessions from ( my new discovered nickname )Nikeholic :

1. Bought another new pair of Nike from its dance clothing line ( love that golden logo print ). Since I'm into breakdancing and oldskool dance. Well, the outfit sort of draining my salary..but what the heck..I'm brokenhearted ( again ) and gotta look cool when dancing!

2. After for nearly 10 days splashing the swimming pool, kinda miss my gym. So yesterday, I was back in action as gym rat went to different clubs in same day. From Body Balance, Body Combat, Breakdance and wrapped with Street Jam!

3. My old love to my Spanish instructor, Xabier ( too bad he's gay ) is blossoming...I miss his classes and really enjoyed his Body Balance yesterday. Will come again for sure babe!

4. In love with Body Balance, feel enlighted with this exercise.

5. Dreaming about this latest edition of Nike..( oh god ). It's red and orange and can be synchronized with iPod....( hhhmmmm....I have the iPod but I need the SHOES!!! )

6. Making excuses to buy those Nike shoes, eventhought I'm broke..( wish I'm filthy rich..I would buy the whole store, if possible I'd buy the Nike company ! )

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Lance said...

...somebody loves her Nike's!!!