It's New Year Already ( For Me )

loving my new hair!! but it's not the only one that change!

2010 ends in just 42 days, but I'm feeling New Year already. It's all brand new me. From new hairdo, new opportunities ahead, working in new place, new routine, new perspective and perhaps ( hopefully ) a new boyfriend, new body ( I'm working out a lot harder these days with new program ). Whatever happening in my life right now are brand new me.

After the storm, I had ( my fiance is having an affair ), my life is totally changing. I don't know the God's plan for me, but I handled my problem very well. Of course there was emotion involved. With God's help, I'm moving on.

The exciting news is, my work is very very close to my gym! How cool is that. I wanted this thing to happen.
So, like I said, it's New Year already FOR ME!! And I hope for the people out there. No need to wait until 2011 to make changes. Changes can start anytime.

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