Hot Yoga Anyone?

Last Wednesday, I was on top of my plateau and dead bored playing with those weights. Then went to yoga studio to check the timetable. yoga is on at 6 o'clock, I just gave it a go. I never been a yoga person, although I've tried some yoga classes but seems there's no fire flickering between me and yoga. But hey when hitting a plateau it's time to spice up the exercise.

Hot yoga is which the temperature set to 42 degrees celcius and it's just another name for Bikram Yoga. The challenge I felt : my patience!! Why? Since the movements are slow and the room temperature is heat up you might feel fed up with it and just want to give up. It was like in sauna and doing yoga for 1 hour! The sensation was great though.

The tips and caution :
1. Drink a lot of water to keep you away from dehydration.
2. It's wise not to consume any meal two hours before
3. If you're expecting, this is not a yoga for you because it raises the core body temperature
4. Make sure you smell good :P

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