Fighting Temptations

Giving myself a pat in the back. For 3 days in a row I manage to drag myself going to the gym. My body still feels heavy just to get there. But once I get there, I defeated all temptations. Like today for example. I was tempted to have sushi. But told myself I have to be focus and focus. Guess what..30 minutes run on treadmill, 1 hour lower body exercise and 15 minutes fat burn using ecliptical machine.

Well, even my situation no is filled with boredom. There was a bit of luck yesterday. I met my ex trainer. He was free and gave free 1 hour session. Wooohooo...I was lucky.

Plan for tomorrow? Body combat, upper body exercise and of course another 30 minutes run.
Go Alia..must stay in shape..don't let the boredom and sorrow get to you.

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Hua said...


Good job on fighting a good fight. Your determination is inspiring.

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