To Walk For

For some walking is an exercise that considered not important. You might say, this type exercise only burn little calorie. But don't underestimate the impact of walking. If you don't know how to begin to exercise, walking is the very first step.

It's the easiest exercise, low risk of injury and very cheap. You only need a pair of comfortable shoes. But I do wear sandals for walking to the bus shelter. The biggest challenge is motivation and developing a habit. Well..I get bored of walking sometimes but I always put in my mind, this is for my own good and try to enjoy the morning air.

Like all types of exercise, the key is start slowly and increase gradually. Try with short distance and short lenght of time. After you have formed a habit, you might want walking all the time and the distance you have passed so far will seem very short for you.

To maximize your walking, keep your posture right. Think of elongating your body. Tighten your abs muscles and buttocks.

Have a nice walk!

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