You're Going To Get Beat Up Along The Way

Life is not a success-only journey. You're going to get beat up along the way

I found this quote while writing my journal, then on the way to the gym, I thought that this quote can be applicable on losing weight or keeping fit. Well, it's not literally that you'll get beat up during your losing weight process or maintaining you weight until you have bruises and stuffs.

Here's the thing, after the long hours of exercise and training, I attained my losing weight goal. But turn out it's just one success, it must be followed by maintaining it, and that's what I interpretation of "to get beat up along the way. "

How so? Because maintaining my success story is the hardest part. Imagine when I hit the plateau. Imagine when I'm soooo lazy to go to the gym, no motivation. Imagine when my crave for fatty food is extremely high.

The journey of losing weight and/or keeping fit doesn't stop just when we reached one success. Just consider we have reached one level then we continue to the next level. Another challenges come along. And that's the time for you to get beat up along the way.

But that's not you should worry, take it as a challenge, take it as "the rainbow" of your keeping fit journey.

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