Out From Plateau : Back In Da Gym..Yayyyy!!!

Yeap..this chick is back in the gym! She found her groove back to hit the gym and do the exercise routine. Well, mostly just do the classes. But that's an improvement compare to previous weeks right? Thanks to the new instructors who just came and thanks to my Latin Salsa guru who's been totally amusing during his classes. And another trigger is I felt my body "so heavy".

This week itself, managed to go to the gym for 3 times. And will be going again for Supreme Sunday Gym ( just my term to get me motivated ).

Here are the things I did to get out from this plateau :
  • Download happy songs ( mostly R&B ) to accompany me during weight training
  • Download new exercises and dance videos from YouTube
  • Bring gym bag everyday
  • Uploading new motivations within myself.

1 comment:

Lance said...

Good for you, Alia, getting back in the gym! I need to make exercise a more regular habit myself... Have a great Sunday!