Crazy About Muesli

A friend of mine suggested me to try muesli as replacement for rice or healthy snack. I was hesitated first and doubtful with the price. Since as Indonesian aka Asian the price of one pack of muesli is quite expensive.

But after I received my paycheck, I decided to give it a try by buying 1 box and see how it goes for 1 week. The result...I dont easily get hungry and if I want to munch just grab a handful of it.

On my curiousity, I looked further what's so good about muesli. Muesli is cereal made from toasted whole oats, nuts, fruit and white flakes. Since it uses whole grains, it is high in dietary fiber and because it relies on the natural sweetness of the fructose in fruit makes it low sucrose and the impact low carb too.

There are many varieties you can do with muesli. My favorite is muesli with plain yoghurt or cottage cheese or simple plain milk. Although I have little dirty secret...I like to mix my muesli with coffee ( not highly recommended :) ). For something fresh, muesli is good choice to mix with fruit salad or berries.

However, even muesli considered as healthy meal, you might want to consider what you put in. For example, mixing muesli with honey or brown sugar will simply put extra sugar in it. Having muesli in a muffin wont be not so good idea.

Well..I hope you like muesli too...


Belinda Luescher said...

muesli is our everyday meal back few years ago in Germany.

Christine said...

I love muesli, amazing food invention.

MoveJutsu said...

I'm addicted to muesli. Its got everything I could want. Just the right sweetness, lots of nuts and it keeps me going for ages.