SMILE! and The Whole World Smiles With You

The title above it's another my favorite quote and when you see the picture above, don't you feel you want to smile too ? A smile is very related to our fitness. Why so? a smile can improve your health level, your stress level, and your attractiveness. But it's not just it. Smiling can boost your immune system, smiling also releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. If you have high blood pressure, try to smile and see the difference.

Or when you are on your weight loss program and it seems to fail, just will brings positive energy and give your spirit back.

As for me, it takes practice to smile and it wasn't easy task. At first, I was just faking it and I was even nervous just smiling, until I can actually smile even to my sorrow moments.

So, when the world brings you down, put a smile and the world will smile back at you. But before you smile, I have a little tip : don't forget to brush your teeth :)


Lance said...

Smiling sure is great! It can brighten your day, and it can brighten some else's day too. And that's what I think is pretty cool about the smile. Now, I should be off to brush my teeth...

Suddenly slimmer said...

Smile is contagious too, the quote is proofed to be right. should brush your teeth