Wishes Flown Away

I might have to cross out my wishes from my wishlists for today and entering a phase which I don't want to do it, which I always refuse to do. As much as I want to weep or dwell about it or complain how bitchy the life is , I think I must force myself to think in different perspective and just getting ready what will come. I must be willing to let go life I have planned, so as to accept the life that waiting for me ( either good or bad ). Let's consider as my challenging times that I have to go through.

As long there's still gym where I can let my endorphine out, as long the sun stil shines, as long my salsa guru still hired by Celebrity Fitness, and as long there's still Body Combat and Dance Class and of course there will be something more to write.. I think I will be fine...

"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure " -Oprah Winfrey-


One frame at a Time said...

what a thoughtful blog for today.

i think you are ready to let go..if not now then when?

Here's to moving on!!! or shall we say moving forward!..that way it's more visual :) Cheers!

don't forget to replace those that u've crossed out with new ones!!!.
that's the good news abt it, now u got plenty of space for new wishes.

Lance said...

A very fitting quote you have at the end here, Alia. And, yes, you will be fine. Life has many wonderful things in store for you!

Joy Leftow said...

I love it! I too am suddenly slimmer although it happened over a years time - I lost 40 pounds. Like a state of mind. It just fell off. Funny thing is now I eat more and weigh less. Yayyyy!!!!!!!