Circuit Training Defined

Are you bored with your exercise routine or hitting plateau? or are you running of time ?Ever consider to try circuit training? Circuit training has been traditionally been used as an effective way to develop both strengh and cardiovascular fitness simultaneuosly. A circuit training consists of a series of exercises performed with minimal rest intervals.

First thing you have to do is pick six exercises you want to do, write them on a piece of paper. After that, you think how are you going to do your workout. You can do this at home. There are lots of options available for you, such as jumping over a phone book, going up and down the stairs or just running around the house.

Circuit training is great for beginners as well. Why? Because it allows you to build your muscle and work your endurance at the same time. Whatever your goals you want to achieve, circuit training can be a great workout because simply of the variety.

BTW here are the list my "normal" circuit training ( combination of legs and chest )
- 10 minutes warm up ( running or walking on the treadmill )
- Squat with ball
- Ball chest press
- 5 minutes running
- Lunges
- Chest fly
- 5 minutes cycling
- Plie squat
- Incline chest press
- 10 minutes walking on the incline

The freedom to make the variety is up to you, browse through the internet and combine the exercises.

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