Holiday Workout

Gym bag must items :gym outfit ( I'm a nike big fan ), shoes, hair straightener, body wash, body spray, make up kit, shower kit, ipod shuffle ( small but very convenient ), fitness gloves

Holiday is here and I have 4 weeks ( minus 3 days because of in house training ) to cheer about. Due to the financial limitation and global recession *still smiling though*, I will be devoting my holiday in the gym. New songs have been uploaded new songs into my ipod. I'm loving T.I feat Rihanna live your life and Beyonce Single Ladies.
Sounds pretty boring huh? But it's not, it's my best time to work out. I will have plenty of time to try new exercises, and classes that I can't joing during my working days and writing. I have set up a target : More toned body, especially in the triceps area.

So, here's the plan for tomorrow :
- Treadmill for 30 minutes
- Lunges, Squat and Abs ( since holiday I can have 5 sets of each exercise )
- Fat burn on treadmill for 15 mins
- Might join Body Combat
- Sauna
- Do my hair
- Lunch with my friends at Sushi Tei ( I love sushi )
- Plan exercise for the next day

Well I hope it will go as it planned....( it must be....I put my determination for this )

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