What is your choice?

I didn't have plan to write a blog tonight but there's something tickle me. If you were obese or overweight what would you choose? Do you choose to stay being potato couch or tell yourself that you need to lose weight in order to be healthy ?

I respect whatever the people's choice but if you could think for a while what you want to become when you are old? You might not feel anything and you feel fine with potato couch lifestyle but.... do you want to have heart disease? do you want to get stroke and won't be able to do anything? do you want to have high cholesterol? or do you want to be healthy? live longer, see your grandchildren ?

My mum died at the age 53 because of stroke, some of my relatives and my grandmother died of the same cause...stroke. From that, I have chosen to live healthy and exercise. Yes we are all eventually will die but don't you think when you alive you look after your body and health so you can contribute something or make your life more meaningful?

Life is about choice, have you made your choice?

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