Endorphin and BrokenHeart

It might be a silly love life that many women experienced and which I just have been through.. but let me relate it to health. What do you do when you brokenhearted? Crave for sweets? lock yourself in the room? go out and get drunk?

Here's one alternative ( which I always do ) where health takes part in your emotional issue. Go to the gym! Yes..instead of going to clubs, I prefer to go to the gym. Have Body Combat class, run on the treadmill or just join dance class or have outdoor sports, when you finish see yourself and be honest what you feel afterward?

Whats the relation between exercise and brokenhearted? By exercise your body releases a hormone called endorphin. This is a happy hormone..increases your self esteem, helps you to reduce the stress and enhances your immune system. Again..don't over exercise you will end up in injury.


Lance said...

I always feel uplifted after a good workout, whether it's cardio or strength training. Great points here about hitting the gym when we need a little lifting up. It works for me every time!

One frame at a Time said...

Dancing works for me! or even better try learning a new dance.

Imagine waltzing to Norah Jones's song that goes "I was dancing with my baby on a Tennessee Waltz...My bestfriend stole my sweetheart from me" ;)

Astra Aswinanda said...

for me, I'd be punching & kicking a punching bag with that S.O.B on it! then to the gym (or anywhere else) hoping meet a new guy.