Sunday Morning Wishes ( EDITED 16/11/08 )

There are so many wishes and dreams...or can I mix and dreams and wishes? Well either way here they are ( please be reminded they are not in order ) :
I wish and dream to live and work near my gym in FX Sudirman
Light weight laptop like Sony Vaio or Mac Air
Free Nike apparels and shoes every year
Have own professional website
Famous writer
Work from home or self employed
Free personal trainer
and....................( this is really personal ) :)
Hundreds of free voucher of face, body, hair and nail treatment from my salon in oakwood
Jakarta is like Singapore
Capability to put on make up
Visiting or pay my best friend to Jakarta ( since she's far away in US ) and hang out in Starbucks

Hmmm...come to think of there aren't many..hehehehehehe

1 comment:

mommy adit said...

Work from home and self employed? Yes.. I believe you're about to go there... You've joined the right business...