New Year is Coming

I was making my lesson plan when I realised that we are so close to the end of year 2008. This made me think and looked back what I have done and happened during this year. The way I would describe my 2008 is a roller coaster ride in the storm. The year commenced with tears and I thought I could never live again. In spite of this, I made a choice that I have to stand up and picking up the pieces. It kicked off in the good way. Well..I did it at least in a term of losing weight which brought lot of impacts. One of them are my self esteem escalate steadily and discovered many things in life,fitness, exercise, diet and living well. And then again, another storm came to hit me again and I was very close falling to the ground. Thanks to fitness and exercise..I could cope with it.

So am I busy making resolutions?hmmm..I havent figured out yet. At this point, I will be just continuing what I have been doing...attaining my goals, my passions, my dreams, and my wishes.
As matter of fact..I dont need to wait for new year to come to start making my one of dreams come true.

PS : Thanks to Elen who has been so patient dealing with my whinings and my sister who introduced to the world of blog.


One frame at a Time said...


Rock on Gymn diva!!! November isn't over yet, you still got plenty of time. December is a month to enjoy...and of course a time of reflection

always here for you,

The Fitness Diva said...

Very wise conclusion. You don't have to wait for the new year to begin to make things happen. Just keep striving and doing what you do.
Living every day trying to be your best is what it's about! :)

Lance said...

Awesome Alia! I'm not sure what your year has been like, but that you have made much progress on your goals is excellent! Keep it up! And yes, new resolutions can start whenever "you" want them to!

astra said...

Hi Li,

I just read this post.....*speechless*

just remember the pearl story..
ah susah pake bhs inggris:
kerang biasa, selalu tertutup cangkangnya supaya terhindar dari pasir dsb..tapi kerang mutiara cangkang kebuka, dari pasir2 dsb lama2 kebentuk jadi mutiara yg mahal harganya.. mudah2an
after all you've been jd lebih kuat & berharga.....udah ah..jadi mewe'..huehuhue...*apus airmata*

astra said...

ngomong soal kerang...makan seafood yuuuk! mareeee'.. di d'kost